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Goals, weekend and training update

We had a fairly calm weekend compared to what they’ve been recently. I didn’t have anywhere I had to be on Saturday except to run. I got 7 miles in, struggled, but it got done. Caught the last half of … Continue reading

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Turn “I can’t” into “I will”

I can’t is no longer in my vocabulary. If it’s in your vocabulary, I’m hoping you find the courage to scratch it. When you find the courage to go after what you want, things change. You change. You realize you … Continue reading

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Goals Check & Marathon training

We had a crazy, busy weekend and I never got my marathon training update out. Saturday, Ally was in a cooking competition with 4-H. It was literally all day. They had electrical issues with all the cooking so they didn’t … Continue reading

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January Jumpstart Day 27: Goals Check + Giveaway

Anyone else feel like that? This month has flown by! I wish time would slow down a little. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m counting down to my marathon, that is probably making time go … Continue reading

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January Jumpstart Day 20: Goals Check, giveaway and a contest!

I have a big favor to ask everyone! Zooma has started an inspiring blogger contest. Whoever wins gets a trip for 2 to the Napa Valley race AND gets to give away a trip on their blog to a reader. … Continue reading

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January Jumpstart: Day 13, Goals Check + Giveaway

Welcome to day 13 of January Jumpstart! It’s Monday, let’s make this a great week. Did you stay on course this weekend? If not, it’s ok, today is a new day. We get another chance. I’m starting the week with … Continue reading

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January Jump Start: let’s do this!

Today is the day we kick things off! Maybe you are already working out, maybe you just need a little push or maybe today is the day you are starting. Wherever you are, glad you are here. We have some … Continue reading

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