There’s so much going on around here, it’s time for an update!

Working at home

I’m two years into working at home and I kinda like it. It was definitely hard at first. One of the things I love so much about what I do are meeting my clients. It is a little strange not meeting people as often. But I think I’m more productive these days.

I’m not running these days, just watching Ally race. We have traveled to a few of her races. She just finished her first indoor track season. Watch for a post from our trip to California to watch her cross country conference race. We went to Palm Springs!

The blog

The blog is under construction so bear with me. Very excited about the updates coming!

New Instagram page

The blog also has a new travel Instagram page! I will post travel photos and new blog updates there. If you follow my original account it’s still there and some posts will be cross posted. You can follow the new Instagram page here.

(Caption credit unknown)

Currently my favorite TV show is Bridgerton (just finished season 2) and I’m very excited for Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy to come back!

And of course, food

We’ve been using a meal delivery service called Every Plate. It’s been a few months and it works really well for me and John. We usually order 3-4 meals a week. There’s really no wasted food because there are no leftovers. You order the number of meals you want and the servings and that is what you get. It makes the grocery store much easier.

He loves the dog park! Mutt’s in Allen

Bear is mostly an only dog these days since Molly lives with Ally at school. He’s not spoiled at all!

Weekend fun

Last weekend I did meet some friends at White Rock Lake for some miles. I ended up walking 7 miles (my body was unprepared for that). Grabbed Hypnotic donuts of course. And that night we celebrated a friends birthday with a winery trip and dinner. It was a much needed girls night!

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