A few of my favorite things

I haven’t done a favorite things post in a while. Here are a few of my current favorite things. I’ll link to as many as I can!

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My favorite things, in no particular order.

Target Bag

Call me crazy but I love my re-usable Target bags. Well, any re-usable bags. But I have this really big one from Target that holds quite a bit. You can’t overload it or it will be too heavy to carry. It’s that big. Right now it has paper goods for Ally’s dorm in it. (insert sad face)

Garage gym

It’s saving me during Covid lockdown. I have a few sets of weights, bands, yoga mat and recently added an aerobics step and someone gifted us a used stationary bike!

I’m seriously replacing my worn out Victoria Secret sports bras with the Queenieke brand from Amazon.

The garage gym is warm. If I closed the door I’d have my own personal sauna.


This holds all my inner thoughts. It probably should have a lock on it! Any old notebook will do. Just grab pens and markers and get to writing!

Sleep mask

My eye doctor suggested it since my eyes are really dry. I’ve been using it about 10 days and can definitely tell a difference. I had this one under my bathroom sink for at least 2 years in the package still. I think it was in a Fab, Fit, Fun box.

Here’s the link to one on Amazon that looks cute too!

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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