Weekly re-cap

It’s the weekend! Time for the happy dance. I have to work today but it’s a half day, I can do this. Today is the twice-a-year craft/clothing/food market in our little town and it’s so fun just to walk around. I’ll be headed there after work today.

This week was STAAR testing for Texas kids. I strongly dislike state testing. That also means there were no softball games so it was a pretty quiet week.

Weekly training recap2

Training this week:

Sunday: 10 miles, half marathon pace, 8:23 per mile

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Track, 2 mile warm up, 4×800 workout and recovery, 9:40 average pace

Wednesday: 5 miles in the blazing sun, dumbest thing I did this week, 9:50 per mile

Thursday: 4.5 miles, 9:56 per mile

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 6 miles, half marathon pace 8:10 per mile

Here’s a picture post-run this morning. I just love finishing up this time of morning.

end of 6 miler

This week I had a physical. I’ve never had an EKG or chest x-ray as part of a routine physical so I figured it was time. My EKG was good, resting heart rate was 55. My doctor asked several times if I worked out, what I did, how I ever got my heart rate up high enough to get a good work out. I assured her I did! I’m just waiting on blood work now.

She also said something that makes me want a new doctor. She said when I got to be late 40’s or 50 we would discuss me not running. <I’m sure I had a blank look on my face>. I would not stop running just because of my age and for her to say that to me now, really makes me question her.

Have you ever had a doctor tell you something like that?

Did you workout today?

Who’s racing this weekend?

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