Cowtown race weekend, part 1 {2014}

I don’t even know where to start. The last few days have been a roller coaster. Who am I kidding, the last few months have been. This has been a 7.5 month journey, thanks to “Icemageddon” 2013 and the Dallas marathon being cancelled.

We headed to Ft. Worth Friday night, it just makes the weekend easier to not make that drive in Saturday morning. We ate at one of our very favorite mexican food restaurants, Joe T. Garcia’s. We can’t go to Ft. Worth without eating here.

Saturday morning started with me and Ally running 5k races. I was there to cheer on several friends running a 10k, some running their first ever 10k race! My 5k was just a warm-up for Sunday. My original training plan called for 2 miles that morning, so I took it a little easy (that’s hard to do).  Ally started out really good, then side cramps got her. I plan on working with her on breathing, fluid intake and pre-race nutrition over the next few months. She thought it would be a good idea to eat some yogurt at the expo before her race….YUCK! I can’t even imagine. So proud of her for sticking with it though.

2014-02-22 06.41.50

There she goes!

2014-02-25 17.12.31

My bff Alisha and I before her 10k.

2014-02-24 15.40.54

Gym and running buddy Jill before her 10k. She was a super star cheerleader on the course Sunday morning.

2014-02-24 15.43.01

After those races were done, we found a late breakfast and then went to the hotel to shower and change. I met up with a few more friends to head back to the expo. Cowtown has a good expo, lots of vendors and you can get a free health screening from the UNT Health Center. I wish I had made time to get my BMI checked out.

We shopped and listened to an overview of the half and full course. I got a new running jacket to replace one I had to send back. The zipper wouldn’t zip. Got John a 0.0 magnet for his truck, he’s pretty excited, and Ally got a new pair of Nike’s. Luke’s had their shoes on clearance plus 20% off everything in the booth.

2014-02-24 15.46.31

Ally in true form being silly at the expo.

Ally expo cowtown

I got in a very short nap before heading to dinner. I picked a restaurant that unfortunately was decent, at best. The entertainment made it all worth it. Apparently it was karaoke night there and a few of the husbands got serenaded during dinner. It was pretty funny!

Cowtown dinner

We didn’t stay out too late, most everyone was getting up to run the next morning. We had a few friends there for course support Sunday and I have a feeling they stayed out a little late that night. I was in bed at 8:45 as I was fighting a major headache and still had to pack up and be ready to check out Sunday before the race.

Our first day at Cowtown was busy, but we had fun!

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

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