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I have grown to enjoy watching “The Biggest Loser”. Seeing all those people with tears in their eyes, determination on their faces and the stories that brought them there. It makes me want to shout from the roof tops “you can DO it”! I was “team Rachel” and “team David” from the beginning of this season.

I watched all the episodes, I saw the hard work, I wished that was Dolvette screaming at me to push harder. How cool would that be?? What we don’t see is the food side of it. We don’t really get to see what they eat, how they teach them to eat differently. We did see a little of that this season, but I want to see more of that. I want to know how they are equipping these people for the real world.

Because let’s be real here, they were competing for $250,000. Let that sink in. It’s a contest to lose weight to win money and ultimately your life back, but it’s about winning that money. Did Rachel take it too far? Did she lose too much? Not my place to say. I certainly won’t throw rocks as I live in my glass house, where I’m afraid to gain back the 42 pounds I worked so hard to lose. I have gained a little back because frankly me weighing 118 pounds probably wasn’t healthy. (looks of horror as I just put my weight on the world wide web)


I do think sending the contestants home for the last few weeks to finish their weight loss can be dangerous. They aren’t monitored anymore, I’m guessing. So, it’s fair game if a contestant wants to lose extra weight to win $250,000!

Rachel is an athlete. I have to believe that at some point that will kick in and she will realize where she needs to be weight wise and do what’s best. Either that or Jillian grabbed her after the show and had a talk with her!

I do not think I have the right to pass judgement on Rachel. She is an adult, albeit young, and has to make choices she can live with. She had demons to fight, demons that helped her gain the weight. All of this negative talk and bad mouthing her isn’t going to help her. Believe it or not I was “too skinny” growing up and got made fun of for it. Who does that?? People will make fun of you for anything, if it makes them feel better about themselves.

We should be praising her for her hard work and dedication and praying (if you will) that she finds a healthy balance in life.

With all that being said, did you workout today?

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