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Today’s link up is a fun one. “A day in the life of…” This is not going to be a post where I make believe this is how my day is! You get all the crazy, busy, running, nonsense! I chose Wednesday and it’s usually the busiest because it’s my day off. Normally I go to work and that’s about as exciting as it gets!


 Wednesday is my day off during the week. I use it for errands, laundry, house cleaning, doctor appointments and napping!

Today started at 4:15 AM! My earliest so far for a training run. Had to get 7 miles in before my day started.


Today was the first long run mid-week.


Home by 6AM to shower and get ready for the day. Ally has to be up about 6:30 to be ready for school. I have breakfast, usually a protein smoothie and toast. And don’t forget the vitamins!


I drive this gorgeous girl to school every day!


Today’s agenda includes a visit to the eye doctor. Blah. It’s just a follow up, I have something on my cornea that may have to be removed with a laser. But doctor said it’s looking better! YAY!

I tried really hard not to fall asleep on the couch! The dogs were napping and that made it very difficult not to join them. Then Miss Molly was wide awake and ready to play!


And it was early release today, which works since it’s my day off. Ally and I had lunch at La Madeleine, which seems to be our favorite spot these days. We ran into a new store here called Five Below. Basically a dollar store, but everything is under $5. She found these lovely earrings and funny thing is she already has the bracelet! Who doesn’t need bacon jewelry??


We visited my grandmother, she recently got moved into a nursing home about 5 minutes from my house. It’s nice to have her close. I forgot to take a picture today. She was moving rooms and in PT while we were there.

And then about 4:30 I thought I’d try the iPhone update. Turns out I had to delete 1/2 the stuff from my phone before it even had enough room to download it. NOT a happy camper here. But I guess some of that needed to go! It was taking so long I finally had to leave it at home and let it finish. It was over 2 hours but the update is pretty cool!


During the school year, Wednesday night’s agenda includes church. ¬†I teach Ally’s 6th grade girls missions class with some friends.

Sorry the picture is a little grainy.


So, now it’s 9 o’clock and it’s my bedtime. It’s been a long day….As you can see I live a glamorous lifestyle! But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Tell me something about your day.

Do you have an errand day or just get them done whenever you can?

Did you workout today?

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