Marathon training: 5 down, 13 to go!

And now week 5 is in the books! It’s getting real, mileage is starting to increase. Still feeling good. Today my legs were feeling a little tired but I found my groove and got it done!


This week was a mess. It’s a good thing I run or I’d be so much more stressed out than I already am. Our house took a lightning strike on Monday and things are broken, un-repairable and we are fighting the insurance company.

But, marathon training must commence! I used my Nathan back pack again today and still liking it. I still only drank about 20 ounces from it while running. But I also had a Gatorade mid-run and at the end. Followed up with amino supplements in my water and a protein shake.

Training this week:

Sunday: Rest day!

Monday: Gym workout (cardio and weights)

Tuesday: 5 miles, 9:21 pace (not sure what lit a fire under us that day!)

Wednesday: 3 miles in the blazing sun, 10:27 pace. Seriously the hardest run ever!

Thursday: Run/Walk Intervals, 4 miles, 9:23 pace

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 12 miles, 9:34 pace. One of my best times for that many miles. I also haven’t run 12 miles since May.

 I really don’t know how anyone runs in the sun. 8AM is way too late for me in the summer!


We are still running intervals on Thursday. We run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute. That minute goes by way too fast!


My friend Paula makes the best cupcakes and I always get to sample them. She knew I needed them this week!



Ally and I took Molly to the doggie swim day at our city pool. Molly did good for her first swim.

molly swims

And we had this for dinner!


Here’s to hoping this week is better!

Did you workout today?

Training for anything?

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