2 down, 16 to go!

Week 2 of marathon training is in the books! This was the first week since I can’t remember when that I’ve run 3 days in a row. I survived, but I was happy Friday was rest day. I even got to sleep in until 7:30!



This week went well! I got all my runs in, got some cross training done and several days of weights. I did not get a swim in. I need to get that back in the rotation before I lose progress I’ve made. I got up early 4 times this week, I’m hoping the B12 I’m taking will kick in. I don’t feel as completely worn out as I have been feeling.

I’ve gotten several uses out of my new Yurbuds and they are working like a charm!

Training this week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Gym (cardio and weights)

Tuesday: Run 5 miles, 9:42 pace

Wednesday: Run 3 miles (treadmill) and weights

Thursday: Run 4 miles, 8:57 pace (run/walk intervals)

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Run 9 miles, 9:31 pace. Nice 66 degrees this morning!


┬áMonday’s gym workout with weights. I went at 6AM, instead of 5AM and it was super crowded!


Tuesday’s 5 mile run. Pace seems to be getting better. Can I actually be getting used to this humidity??


Thursday’s 4 mile speedwork, ie. run/walk intervals in 73 degree weather. It actually felt chilly when we started!


Saturday’s 9 mile run was fabulous.,66 degrees, great splits, this is why I love to run!


Do you run with headphones? What kind?

What about speed work? Love it or hate it?

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