No room for mean girls here {link-up post}

Mean girls = mean women? Why are we mean to each other? Is it a learned behavior? I think it probably is and I think it’s getting worse. I came across a new blog last week and the post was about mean girls. The author, Michelle, was trying to make a point to say we needed to change this behavior, change the patterns and try to just be nice to each other. It doesn’t mean you have to be BFF’s with every girl out there, it just means you don’t seek out ways to be mean.

Man is it hard, it’s so hard and I have to constantly stop myself from saying something about someone, especially in front of my daughter. Why is that? Well, it makes us feel better. If they were mean to us, we’re justified, right? Wrong.

I definitely did not win any popularity contests in school. I was not the prettiest or the smartest. In fact I was picked on for being skinny. Who does that? I wore glasses and braces, had the curliest hair in the entire world (I still have that curly hair!) Thing is, we girls, will find anything to pick on each other about. Anything to make ourselves feel better. I’m sure there was someone I picked on or talked about when they weren’t around. It probably made me feel better, at least for a little while.

Now that I have a daughter it frightens me to think she is or would be picked on or bullied. Technology gives kids a whole new way to be mean. I read an article a friend posted on Facebook a few weeks ago about how kids are finding and rating their self worth based on “likes” on Instagram. The article is here. I’ve already seen exactly what the author is referring to on my daughter and her friends Instagram account. (Yes, she has Instagram, we can talk about that another day!)

I don’t want my daughter to find her self worth based on the number of  “likes” on Instagram, or by being a mean girl. So, how do we stop it?

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Michelle writes she’s not sure if  “empowering other women was something specifically placed on her heart”. I’m not sure either, but that’s what I’m trying to do with this blog ~ to encourage, empower, lift up! But it’s easy from my keyboard to be that woman. It’s not so easy in real life.

So now she has this link up in the blogging world to raise awareness and start a new trend. Even if you aren’t a blogger you can change this pattern, you can teach your daughters, nieces, grand daughters and friends that being that mean girl is no way to live. Choose to surround yourself with women that are supportive, inspirational, that don’t tear other women down to feel better.

You can see Michelle’s post here, with the original link up and other bloggers’ take on the subject.

Hope you all have a great week!

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