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Hello all ya’ll at How My World Runs!  I’m flattered to guest post on Sarah’s blog today!  My name is Sara and I run She cooks, She crafts, She Runs.  I’m super pumped to bring you and little something that I’m pretty proud of.

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Several years ago I kept getting my workout magazines like Self, Fitness, Womens Health, even Cosmo and tearing out those cool idea pages they have featuring workouts.  I ended up with scraps of magazines everywhere.  So one day I wised up and pulled out old college binder and some clear inserts and made myself a workout binder.
I have years and years of tear outs, Jillian Michaels workouts prints, and post its of workouts…all in one place.  I get super bored doing the same old, same old at the gym and I love doing bootcamp like workouts.  This is the ultimate idea board all in one nifty little binder.
So next time you see a cool new kettlebell write up in a mag, tear it out, and stick in in an insert and Viola!  Eliminate boredom with your every growing library in one little binder.
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