A long run and a 4k!

Saturday was busy, busy! I am officially 2 weeks from Rock N’ Roll Dallas half marathon, so yesterday’s long run was 10 miles. Straight into the wind. And it was humid. It was a rough run.


That was followed up by the Tap N’ Run 4k at 5PM. The weather here was threatening crazy storms so they moved the start time to about 4:30, I think the first wave went at 4:45pm. The packet pick-up and start line were hosted at the Sandbar in Deep Ellum. Things were a little crazy as one would expect at a race like this. It was great people watching! It was fairly organized considering the weather, the number of people and that we were at a bar!

Random stranger in an apron.


One complaint I heard was in the registration form it wasn’t clear about asking for your name on your bib. I missed it, my running partner missed it and I saw a lot of other people that did too. But no big deal, just an observation.


Each stop that served beer was enclosed in barricades, you had to give them a ticket off your bib to get in and you had to drink the beer in the barricade. They also served water. 1 out of 4 beers I really like, 1 was pretty good and the other 2 were not good. It was all Sam Adams. While I’m not a beer aficionado, I do like it really cold on a hot day, especially after a run! My favorite was Angry Orchard Hard Cider.

Here’s the start and finish line.


Our “costumes” were last minute, so we went with housewives and Alisha embroidered our shirts to say “Running shoes are my high heels”. We wore our aprons and pearls. We got called Betty Crocker, bakers and our favorite was “fast runners”! We’ll take it. I think we were one of the few people actually running the race.


The finisher’s medal is a bottle opener!


We had fun and are already planning a team costume for next year’s race!

I got a few new things to try this week ~ Almond butter and Coconut Oil. Anyone already using these?


Don’t forget to check Friday’s post for the giveaway from Albion Fit!

Are you doing the squat jumps? What was your workout today or this weekend?

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