Race weekend! {Cowtown race review}

Wow! What a busy weekend. I’ve never had two races in one weekend, but the first go wasn’t too bad.

The race was about an hour or so from where we live so we got a hotel for the weekend and it was so much easier than driving back and forth two days in a row. Friday night we ate at one of our favorite places in Ft. Worth, Joe T Garcia’s. They basically serve two dishes, no menus, cash only. And it is some serious good food!

Packet pick-up was easy. Both of my packets were together and there weren’t any lines on Friday night. I got 2 t-shirts and 1 technical shirt that evening. Then after completing my half I got another finishers tech shirt in hot pink!

Saturday morning was the kids 5k, it started at 9:30 and followed the 10k and adults 5k. Ally and I ran it together, crossing the finish line in 29:58.It was a perfect pace for me, a nice warm-up for the half. There were a TON of kids and it was great to see them out running but I had to be careful not to get tripped. After we finished it was time to eat!

Race outfit and bib.


Me and my girl waiting for the race to start.


I managed to get a nap in and rest most of the afternoon. We had dinner and dessert with friends that were all running the Cowtown on Sunday, some were running half, full and ultra distance. What’s better than pasta and gelato?


Sunday morning started at 4:45AM. I did however wake up every hour after 1:00AM.


Made my bagel, peanut butter and banana and headed out. This race is in Downtown and they have the convention center open so we can all stay warm inside before the race. We stretched, took pre-race pictures and waited.

Race outfit and all the essentials!


Pre-race silliness!



I met up with Sarah from A Runner’s Heart, she is also the Moms Run This Town chapter leader in Ft. Worth.



We were in Corral 3 and started about 7:10, the race stayed pretty crowded the whole way. The 2 halfs I’ve run before have thinned out but not this one. All three (half, full and ultra) distances stayed together until about mile 10 if I remember right.


I can’t say enough about the crowd control, spectators, traffic, the route, everything was great! All the churches we passed had people out, some played music, there were bands at some of the businesses and all the officers directing traffic did a great job. I think this race will stay on my list! There were a lot of hills and one scary one but we did it, we train hills for a reason!


Official time 2:13:15, that’s 10:10 per mile.

10k split 1:05:16, 10:30 per mile.

11 mile split 1:53:48, 10:21 per mile.


Let’s see…detox from all the food I ate this weekend starts now!

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