#30DayHomies Day 13

I know I usually have these posts out in the morning but it just didn’t happend today. I had a busy weekend. Got another pair of shoes to try, I’m going to take my time and if I have to try 10 pair of shoes I will. These are Asics, hopefully one day this week I’ll be able to try out both pair of shoes.

In the spirit of #30DayHomies and trying new things I got on the Stair Master at the gym today. I really hate that thing, or used to anyway. I’m still deciding. I tried it only once before and gave up after 5 minutes, today I made it 25! My heart was pounding and I was dying, but I did it!


I made poor choices at breakfast today. Lunch was a little better, but I think I redeemed myself at dinner. Threw together chicken salad with apples and purple onion; had some blueberries, Laughing Cow cheese and Ritz chips.


New giveaways will be announced in the morning! Have a great week everyone!

Anyone love/hate the Stair Master?

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