It’s What I Ate (and did) Wednesday!

Welcome to another edition of What I ate Wednesday! Even though this one is mostly what I did Wednesday.

Today is my day off and it’s gym day. I am worn out! I warmed up on the elliptical (I got bored after about 8 minutes). Then abs, legs, arms, plank and a cool down on the stationary bike. I did up my weight on the leg press to 95 pounds! Yay for hitting goals!
I’ve been eating yogurt with the granola that you add in and I really like it. After the yummy granola at camp last week I decided to find me some! I found this brand at Kroger and really like it. I just bought the yogurt without the granola and add my own. This is a great snack by itself too. 
Pre-gym breakfast was a toasted wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana. Post gym I grabbed an Isopure protein drink on the way to the Chiropractor/Sports Medicine doctor. My knee has been kinda wacky the last week or so, I’m assuming all the hill work and adding miles. 
I was very hungry and ready for lunch at about 10:45, I had leftover tacos from last night. Doing my best to leave the chocolate chip cookies alone, but having a very hard time with that!
Dinner was Chick-fil-A. I get their grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese and it’s a little lighter than the original fried. Obviously cooking at home is always a better option but when I choose fast food Chick-Fil-A seems to be a decent choice. 
Let’s do a little comparison: Original chicken (fried) vs. the Grilled Club (taken from Chick-Fil-A website)
440 calories vs. 400 
16 fat grams vs. 12
4g saturated fat vs. 5
60mg cholesterol vs. 85
1400mg sodium vs. 1110
42g carbs vs. 36
2g fiber vs. 3
6g sugar vs. 9
30g protein vs. 37 

Where do you buy your running/workout clothes?

I never find anything at TJ Maxx but lucked out today. I needed a new every day jacket/windbreaker since I discovered  (at camp) the zipper was broken on my old jacket. So, I ended up with this super cute New Balance jacket and a Nike top. The jacket was $25 and the top was $15. The jacket is lined and is water and wind resistant. I guess I could run in it but it’s a little heavier than my Nike running jacket and it’s perfect for me!

Here are my awesome finds!

photo (5)

And here’s me modeling the jacket. No, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon!

photo (6)

I had a busy day ~ Target (twice), had to replace my smoothie maker that died on me yesterday. It’s not a good sign when the smoothie oozes out the vents in the back! Oil changed, Half Price books but didn’t find the book I needed.

Where do you buy your running or workout clothes? Any good finds recently? What fast food place do you find decent, (somewhat on the healthy side) food?

Did you #EarnYourShower today?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

WIAW on Thursday

No, I didn’t look at the calendar wrong. I realize it’s Thursday, but I worked yesterday and it was too hard to get a post out. So, my What I Ate Wednesday is Thursday this week.

Started my day with a 5 mile run at 5AM, it was cold. And it sleeted on us the last 3 minutes or so. Have I said I’m done with the cold? It was 69 degrees for Tuesday’s 5AM run.

My post run snack was a Fiber One bar and this yummy Isopure protein drink.


I had breakfast with a friend, it wasn’t the healthiest but it was a great time to catch up. I had my favorite migas! I am not a big breakfast eater but I love migas and these are good, really good. I really wish I had remembered to take a picture of it. I’ll have to remember next time!

For lunch (late afternoon snack) I made a protein shake at home, I was still pretty full from breakfast. Tonight is Book club so it’ll be pizza and salad for me.

I did make a trip to the Run On! store today. Ally “stole” my Newton’s. She’s been needing a pair of running shoes and she tried out both my Newton’s and Asics to see what she liked and decided she like the Newton’s. I hadn’t put very many miles on them yet so it worked out. I need another pair to start rotating in, I’m about to bump my miles up for marathon training. In 2 days I’ll run my first run past 13.1….14 miles it is. Yikes! So, I ended up with a pair of Brooks Ravenna’s in a lovely shade of purple, grabbed some energy chews, body glide and a hand held water bottle for short summer runs.



First off, if you aren’t entering giveaways you are missing out! I’ve won 2 recently – Quest Protein bars and Isopure Protein drinks. I’m a fan of the Isopure, still taste testing the Quest bars. Thanks Laura @ Fit Running Mama for hosting the giveaway!

These drinks have 40g of protein, 160 calories, 80mg of Sodium and 45mg of potassium and 0 carbs. I’ve tried the punch, the green apple and one other I can’t remember but the punch is my favorite so far. **I won these drinks and was not required to write this review.

I’ll definitely be stocking up on these!


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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

What I Ate (and did) Wednesday

It’s a dreary and rainy Wednesday here. Breakfast was a small protein shake and 1/2 a banana, pre-workout. After the gym I had a wheat bagel with peanut butter. That is some good stuff! I had a little mishap with the Almond butter and need to buy more. An unknown person accidentally put it in the pantry instead of the fridge. Bummer.

I was too hungry to take a picture before taking a bite!


Gym workout included 20 minutes on the elliptical, 75 sit-ups, worked on back and arm weights, plank on the Bosu ball and then only about 10 push-ups (my arms were tired)!


Lunch was leftover spaghetti and meatballs made with turkey sausage. I had 4 glasses of water checked off by lunch time. I also managed to clean out two junk drawers in the kitchen….yes we have 2 of them.

Dinner was open face Caprese sandwiches. I found the recipe on Pinterest a while ago, but unfortunately it looks like the original link isn’t working. Basically you grill or saute the chicken, stack it on sourdough bread with mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil, a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I’m sure there was more to the recipe than that, but it’s what I remember.


I also tried to make Sweet Potato chips. They didn’t exactly turn out like I hoped. The non-burnt parts were good, so I will keep trying!


I’m ready for the weather to warm back up. It’s been rainy and cool today and probably tomorrow but this weekend is supposed to be nice! Running 7 miles this weekend and then heading to the gym for a fitness assessment. Basically measurements, weight and BMI. Hoping to get the trainer to show me some new weights to use as well.

Did you workout today? How did you #EarnYourShower?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1



What I Ate (and did) Wednesday!

It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday, originally started by Peas and Crayons!

 “What WIAW isn’t about—-

Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt
—-What WIAW is about—-
Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!
WIAW is about food and fun! It’s about making new friends, breaking out of a food rut, noting changes in your diet/lifestyle, inspiring yourself & others, embracing fruit & vegetables, nourishing your body with the foods that work for you, finding new ways to eat your favorite foods, and so. much. more. <3
Celebrate Food.  Celebrate blogging.  Celebrate Individuality.”

So today was my first day back at the gym, actually first workout since Sunday. It seems like forever ago but it was only 2 days off. My legs were pretty sore and tired on Monday but I am ready to go now! I got 20 minutes on the elliptical, quite a bit of weights, sit ups, push-ups and planks and then finished with about 8 minutes on the stationary bike. Burned 500 calories in 1 hour.
My pre-gym snack was homemade granola bites and then post-gym a protein shake from Smoothie King. That kept me from buying too many snacks at the grocery store.
I decided to run an experiment with my Nike + Sport Watch and heart rate monitor today. After I left the gym, I reset it and headed over to the grocery store. I got my groceries bought, took them home, put them up, then cleaned and mopped by bathroom. I almost forgot I still had my heart rate monitor running ~ I burned another 240 calories doing all that (about 80 minutes).
Lunch was pizza, decided to try that on Naan bread again. Pineapple, canadian bacon and cheese makes a pretty good pizza!
And of course my usual day of errands and laundry, guess I should have left that heart rate monitor on all day! I got these muffins to try, so I’m baking, sort of.
Dinner was rotisserie chicken, home -made mashed potatoes, carrots and green beans. Yummy!
Tomorrow’s agenda includes 5 miles at 5AM. Right now the forecast says 49 degrees, I’ll take it!
Did you workout today? Eat anything yummy?

What I ate (and did) Wednesday

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! I’m a creature of habit so I had my usual breakfast of bagel, peanut butter and banana. I was going to eat Almond butter but apparently I put it in the pantry and it’s supposed to be refrigerated. So, I’ll have to buy another jar.

I went to the gym after dropping Ally at school. I was absolutely starving when I left there, I drank my water, ran my errands and tried not to focus on food. I grabbed a smoothie from Smoothie King about 11 and then had a snack after that. As I’m typing this, I’m hungry again.

I had a great workout at the gym, cardio and lots of weights, lunges and ab work. I hope I can walk tomorrow!

82 minutes = 680 calories!


I’ve been lacking on my planking, back on the train today!



I grabbed a new snack at the store today. Special K is how I started my journey 2 years ago, I was eating their protein bars as meal replacements for about the first 2-3 weeks to break my bad lunch habits. My co-worker found these new popcorn snacks and they are pretty good!


Wednesday is also usually errand day, so of course there were errands and….taxes!  I should really pay someone to do them! It’s also eat out night and Ally chose Culver’s so I know dinner won’t be a perfect choice. It happens sometimes, my lifestyle change is not about restricting foods. That will lead to failure. It’s why nothing ever worked for me before.

I am getting back in the habit of entering my food in My Fitness Pal. Anyone use that app? It’s really great to help keep you on track.

And another snack to satisfy my craving for chocolate and caramel.

photo (2)

I also got a new toy today, a Samsung ChromeBook. It’s going to take some getting used to, but so far I really like it. It was really easy to set up and it’s light. I will like being able to carry it around a lot easier than our other laptop. We are Mac people but I just needed something smaller and easier to travel with and to use for blogging.

photo (1)

It’s also only 4 days until Rock N’ Roll!  Can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing.

What I Ate (and did) Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I’m normally off but I switched my days around to be off Thursday and Friday. Woohoo long weekend!

I worked out at home this morning, did my 20 minute home circuit and burned 200 calories! I’ll probably hit the gym tonight, I need to lift heavier weights than what I have at home.

photo-2   photo-3

Breakfast was a protein shake, I missed my morning snack since things are crazy here. Lunch was those yummy leftovers from dinner last night. I have chicken in the crock pot for chicken tacos tonight.

I got my confirmation from Rock N Roll, with my bib number and corral! It’s 11 days away! I’m excited.

Did you workout today?



Random stuff and a winner!

This is a random post and we have a winner. I know you are probably more excited about that than my randomness!

Today’s workout was a 5 mile run, it was actually one of the best 5 milers I’ve had in a while. It was still colder than I wanted it to be, but it was a good run!


It’s a Tuesday version of what I Ate Wednesday! I wanted to share what I made for dinner tonight, it was so yummy! I’m loving my rice cooker and steamer. It’s the simple things in life. I saute’d the chicken in the coconut oil and spices, steamed the veggies, rice and pineapple. Right after I took this picture I cut it all up and mixed it together.


I just finished watching The Biggest Loser from last night! I’m excited for the finale. (Spoiler alert…I’m rooting for Danni!)

We had over 650 entries for the Albion Fit go long top. Congratulations Jodi Stuber! Watch for an email from me.

What was your workout today? Did you eat anything yummy and healthy?

What I Ate (and did) Wednesday

Ever have one of those days where you have a plan and the plan gets blown to bits? That was me today. I started out with a great workout, got into work, had a great mid morning snack of yogurt and then it was all downhill from there! Things went bananas at work and after working late and then going back to the office tonight I did not make a good choice for dinner.

But, tomorrow is a new day. I will start again. Thank goodness I got my day started with a workout!


And I got this super cute top from Albion fit! I love it so far. I’ll have a full review up this weekend along with a chance for you to win one too!


I am seriously still working on my self portrait picture taking skills!

Here’s what I ate, I’m gonna lay it all out there!

  • Bagel with peanut butter and banana. Someone suggested I try almond butter. We shall see if I can give up my addiction!
  • Yogurt with granola for my snack
  • Protein smoothie for lunch (I was telling my co-worker it was either that or order a pizza!)
  • Then at 8pm when I finally got to eat dinner it was drive-thru….a cheeseburger and fries.

There you have it folks.

What did you eat today? Did you get a workout in?


Lame What I Ate Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s What I Ate Wednesday! But it’s a lame one, since I’m having to send it out before the day is done.

Normally I’m off on Wednesday but tomorrow I work 1/2 day and then I have jury duty. It’s at the Municipal Court, never even been there. Woo-hoo traffic ticket court!

Breakfast was a bagel thin, peanut butter and banana. You’d think I would get tired of it, but I don’t. I’ve never been a big breakfast eater so me eating anything is an improvement. I’ve also been having a mid morning snack most days (yesterday I ate yogurt again!)  I’m trying really hard to like it. The kind with the granola in it really helps.

Today will be a snack type day, since I won’t really sit down and eat lunch. Going to be in the car going from work to jury duty. So, I am trying this Luna bar. I’ve had it in my pantry for a while and kept forgetting to try it.


Dinner will most likely be a protein shake. We have church on Wednesday night and then softball practice for Ally!

I’m not very sore today, legs are slowly recovering from the half on Sunday. It was a lot of hills. Now I have a month full of races to get ready for. Ally and I have another 5k this Saturday, it’s her school fundraiser. I have the Rock N Roll half coming up March 24!

Hopefully if you signed up to get my blog by email you got this one today. If you are wondering where I’ve been, I went self-hosted and I was down for about a week. But I’m glad to be back. Most likely you missed my race re-cap of Cowtown. It’s here if you want to catch up!

Did you workout today? Try any new snacks?

What I Ate (and did) Wednesday

It’s What I Ate Wednesday time!

Had my usual bagel with peanut butter and banana before going to the gym. When I got back I was in need of a snack so I made a yummy protein shake with strawberries, banana and peaches.


For lunch I made chicken salad with onion and apples in it. Had that with a few Ritz chips, carrots and some colby cheese.


Dinner tonight will be Subway. I usually get the turkey sandwich. Gotta stay away from the cookies though!

Workout was great this morning! I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and then hit the weights. I upped my weight on the shoulder press. I wasn’t feeling any soreness so I decided it was time to move up. Got 80 sit-ups done, 2 minutes of Russian Twists, lots of stretching and of course PLANKS!


I found a Virtual race I think I’ll sign up for. It’s in April and benefits March of Dimes. I’ve done races with Running In Sanity before and they are legit! You can find the info here. Let me know if you sign up. You can run, walk, skip, bike or swim these virtual races! It’s not limited to running!

I signed up to get theses quotes from Runner’s World and I love them!

To finish will leave you feeling like a champion and positively change your life. 

Jeff Galloway, U.S. Olympian, Runner’s World columnist and author.