Weekly run-down

I made a decision a while back to work on getting my pace down. I’ve been comfy at 9:30 for a while, it’s really become my easy pace. My body automatically goes there. So, I’ve been trying to break that since I want to break a 1:45 half this year. It may just be my pea brain, but if I want to run an 8 minute mile in a race I need to run faster on training runs (at least sometimes). That being said, 8’s are tough. Real tough. Like vomit pace for me right now. But I guess that’s where I find out what I’m made of!

weekly rundown

I feel like a little bit of a slacker lately. I need to find a good schedule that works for me again. I like Monday mornings at the gym, good way to start the week off. Friday’s are almost always rest days for me. Wednesday is usually a gym day (but not the last 2 weeks). And Saturday long run.

Training last week:

Sunday: Gym day

Monday: Gym day

Tuesday: Tempo run, 1.5 miles tempo, .5 mile recovery, that tempo part included a double hill, we ran it 4 times. Total miles 7.5, average pace 9:06.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 4.25 miles, average pace 8:35

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Raced a 5k

Saturday was my first 5k race in almost a year. I haven’t really been training to PR it specifically, but was going to try. It’s a race I’ve done before, close to home. I love those races. Easy in and easy out. They had a new course this year and I think I like it better than the old one. I got up about 2 hours early and ate a really light breakfast (first mistake). We headed over to get our shirts and then had time to kill. Hence the second mistake, no fuel. I completely forgot about taking something else to eat or at the very least a gel.

Race started and I was feeling good for 1 mile. I swear I could feel the exact moment I used all my energy. It was gone, y’all. Nowhere to be found. I used whatever I had to get me from mile 2 to the finish. I could feel myself slowing down some. Got near the finish line, it’s in a park so you think you are almost there then you make a right turn and have about 1/2 mile in the park before coming back to the finish. I crossed paths with Ally and kept pushing.

One of my friends was out there yelling at me to run faster (thank you Dana!) It was her revenge for me telling her to run faster at track! In the end I got a PR but I know I could’ve done better had I prepared better. My PR last year was 22:30, I got a flat 22 in this race. Ally got a huge PR, almost 3 minutes for her first sub 20 minute 5k. I’m so proud of her!

heart of heath 5k 2015

We both placed first in our age groups.

2015-04-06 14.57.58

Last week was the district track meet for Ally. She finished the season so strong, took 2nd place in both the 1600 and 2400, finished less than a second by first place. They were so close we couldn’t tell in the stands who won. She PR’d both distances as well. I’m looking forward to seeing her compete again. Final 1600 was 5:36 and 2400 was 9:08.

district track meet

Softball season started but already halted because of the rain. We need it desperately here, so I’m trying not to complain. I’m pretty sure we will have lots of make-up games to play!

Are you training for anything?

Did you run today?

Happy running,

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Weekly run-down

The last week was a blur, I’m not even sure I remember everything. Let’s start with the easy stuff: training.

weekly rundown

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Training last week:

Sunday: RnR Half Marathon

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Track, 12×400, 200 recovery, 7 miles with warm up and cool down, average pace 9:02 (workout laps 7:30-7:50 pace)

Wednesday: 6.2 miles, uphill both ways, average pace 8:57

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Last week every single thing that could be planned and put on a calendar happened. We will start with Thursday, Ally’s district qualifying track meet. You’ll have to excuse all the proud mom moments about to happen!

district qual

She ran the 1600 and 2400 again. Placed 1st in both, set school records and PR’s for herself in both. Her 2400 was 9:18 (last week was 9:47) and mile time was 5:38 (last week was 6:02). I cannot even express how proud I am of her. She finally figured out she can run fast. She finally figured out she’s strong enough to do it! I held my breath on that 1600 though. It was hard to watch, but she makes it look so easy.

district qual 2

She has some fierce competition in these two events. She will not be happy for me posting this picture but her face shows she was working hard! The district meet is tomorrow night!

Then Friday came along, and that was the start of the Youth Fair. Remember those rabbits? She had to be at the barn at 8AM Friday. That’s the day about 1000 3rd graders and teachers from our school district come to the barn for a tour, to see the animals and learn more about 4-H. That afternoon, went home, changed, grabbed all the rabbits and got back by 4 to get them weighed in. The judging and showmanship started at 5pm. She came in 11th out of 28. Not too shabby considering we had no idea what we were doing. We were just hoping they all lived for the 5 weeks!

4-h show

Saturday morning she had her first softball game. They had a tournament but she was only playing 1 game before heading back to the barn. She pitched the first game since the other pitchers had 3 after this one.


It went into extra innings and ended up being a 2 hour game! What a way to start the season.

Back to the barn for the auction. Time to sell these bunnies!

4-h fair

There were 70+ exhibitors and she was #47. It was a long afternoon. Kinda cool seeing all these kids with the animals they raised.

rabbits 4-h

When this was over we headed to the mexican market near us and grabbed some meat to grill. Went home and Ally jumped in the pool (yes it’s still frigid!) and John fired up the grill. We relaxed the rest of the evening. We even had dinner outside Sunday night, after some yard work, of course. It was a crazy couple of days but we were all pretty much together the entire time. I can’t remember the last time that happened. It was nice.

How was your weekend?

Anyone else out there do 4-H?

Do your kids run?

Happy running,

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She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

Weekly re-cap

Weekend projects are making it very hard to blog on the weekends. I didn’t even get my laptop out all weekend. So, here’s the recap a few days late!

This was the first full week school was out. Ally has been at softball camp every day since last Saturday. I think things might slow down in the year 2020? Maybe….

Why yes, that IS Jennie Finch from the USA Softball team. Ally loved this camp!

2014-06-07 15.56.06

That was Saturday and Sunday, then Monday through Thursday this week she attended camp at one of the high school’s in our town. I think she’s pretty pumped up!

This coming week is Vacation Bible School and she gets to help out this year. She is pretty patient with little ones, I think she will enjoy it.

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Training this week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Gym day, 20 minutes on the elliptical and leg day

Tuesday: Track workout, 8×400’s, with 400 recovery, 2 mile warm up and cool down

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 8 miles of Fartleks

Friday: 5 easy miles

Saturday: Rest day

It seems there are extra rest days this week but we’ve been tackling projects at home, so it’s not like I’ve been sitting around eating bon-bons. Although that does sound nice!

Did you run this weekend?

Anyone racing?

Happy running!

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Weekly re-cap

Another week closer to summer! I’m sorry I’m counting down the days. So ready for 6th grade to be done. Ready to not have so much in our schedule. (is that even possible?)

Ally had 2 games this week and she pitched her first whole game. I couldn’t be prouder! This week was also her 6th grade track meet. She came in 2nd place in her heat in the 200 meter race and her relay team got 2nd place in the 4×100.

2014-05-16 14.53.02

I got a new Influenster Box this week too. It has lots of goodies in it, it’s a sport themed box. Can’t wait to try this stuff out!

2014-05-16 14.24.26

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Weekly training recap2

This week training was a little lighter. I’ve been feeling an ache in my left ankle and thinking it may be tendonitis. Some runner friends suggested a few different stretches and convinced me to take a few days off. So, no long run for me this weekend.

Training this week:

Sunday: 4 miles with Allyson, average 9:36 pace per mile

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Track workout, 2 mile warm-up, 8×400 with 400 rest, workout target pace between 1:45 and 1:50.

Wednesday: Gym day with abs, legs and the sauna

Thursday: My first tempo run, 8 miles total with 2 mile warm-up, 2 miles sub 8, 1 mile recovery, 2 miles sub 8, 1 mile cool down, over all pace 8:26 per mile

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Rest day

I will more than likely hit the gym sometime this weekend, but I think no running until at least Tuesday, maybe longer. I’m icing and stretching and rolling every muscle in my legs. I have a half in 10 days, with a PR in mind for it. I’ve been training for it and have a pacer. I’m really looking forward to it so I will rest now to be able to run later.

Ally is running a half marathon relay the same day. Her leg is 5.5 miles. It’s the furthest she’s raced. We did run/walk a 10k last year but that was not a good day. Things went south quick and she and I both prefer not to count that day. There are a few hills involved but since it’s here in our town, we can train the course. We ran 4 miles last Sunday and I hope to be able to do that again with her this week.

Did you workout today?

Anyone racing or running long?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1