Wednesday Wonderfulz #4, Race edition

You know that saying “a day late and a dollar short”? Well I am almost a day late and a post short.

This month has flown by and I’ve been busy and distracted and unfortunately the blog is suffering. But  I’ve been thinking about this theme for a while and am excited to share my favorite races with you.

And don’t forget to check out Lynda’s post at Fitnessmomwinecountry. 

Wednesday Wonderfulz final 2

I’m coming up on the 3rd annual Patriot Half Marathon, this half was my first. It will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first half and last year it was my first sub 2 hour half. I have a PR in mind for this year as well. It’s in the town where I live, our Running Club hosts it. We have home field advantage of being able to train the course. It’s so great to run a race surrounded by so many people you run with every week.  You can find my review of last year’s race here.  If you are in the Dallas area come join us! You can find info on the 5k, half relay and half marathon here. 

2012 Patriot Half Marathon

2012 Patriot Half Marathon

Next up is the Healdsburg Half Marathon. This was my first destination race and first costume race. I made a Minnie Mouse costume to wear. It was my second half marathon. John and I had a great trip to San Francisco and the wine country for this race. I love that area and can’t wait to go back. This race is pretty popular and usually sells out early. I ran this race in October 2012. It’s a point to point race and at the end there’s a costume contest, bands, wine tasting and food! You can find the info on this race here and my re-cap here.

Healdsburg Half Marathon 2012

Healdsburg Half Marathon 2012

Several others top my list of favorites, most of them are half marathons. The Cowtown Half and 5k/10k will always be on my list of races to run. Zooma Texas Half, also has a 10k. It’s a tough course but such a fun race and fun weekend.  You can find more race reviews on my blog on the Races & Discounts page.

I love to race. It brings out that competitiveness I didn’t remember I had.

Do you have a favorite race? Link it up below, it’s open til Sunday night. Please be sure and follow your hostesses and use the Wednesday Wonderfulz button.

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Happy running!
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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

January Jumpstart Day 22: Race calendar + giveaway

Day 22 of January Jumpstart!!

I made my list of races for the year. These are the ones I’m either already signed up for or plan on signing up. I am running a few less races this year than last year. I really want to focus on a few goals.

  • Sub 1:50 half
  • 2nd Full marathon for the year

RACES 2014

I’m already signed up for all of the February races. The Cowtown races will earn me the challenge medal again with the 5k and full. Cowtown has great races and I’m excited to be a part of it again. (Discount code CT14HMWR)

The Renegade Run in March is a run my running club puts together. You pick the distance up to 26.2 and run whatever you want. It’s a point to point run. This will be my first year to participate, I need to decide on the distance.

April will be my first time to run a Zooma race. It’s near Austin, TX in the hill country. It’s a good thing there are hills here for me to train. It’s going to be a challenge and a fun weekend! (Discount code for this one is TXAMB9)

I haven’t signed up for the Too Hot to Handle race yet. I ran it last year and it rained and was cool/cold that day in July. It was definitely not too hot!

And October will ideally be my PR for the year. That’s formerly the Allstate race, the course is flat and it holds my PR as of right now.

My plan is to sign up for Dallas again. I have to conquer that race! I’m really hoping there will be a great incentive for the 2013 racers to sign up since we didn’t get to race.

I like races, it keeps me motivated. I like a mix of fun races and races that really push me. I know I won’t be placing in the longer distance races, so it’s a race against myself.

And to keep things exciting we have a 1 day giveaway from Swiftwick!

swiftwick socks

This giveaway only runs today! It starts at 8AM CST and ends 8PM CST, January 22, 2014. Winner chooses size (small, medium or large). There are several ways to earn an entry in the Rafflecopter below. You must be a US resident to receive the prize. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did you work out today?

Do you plan your races out for the year?

What socks do you run or workout in?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

13 in 2013 race recap

I completed (plus one) the 13 in 2013 race challenge!


My races this year:


  • Moms Run This Town Winter Virtual 10k






  • March for Babies Virtual 5 miler
  • Green Door 5k









  • McKinney Mini Half Marathon

McKinney mini

This was a great year of racing. I hit a lot of milestones. I’m looking forward to 2014 bringing more races and more milestones!

14 in 2014 will open soon!

How many races do you usually run each year?

Do you plan them in advance or sign up last minute?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

P.S. The winner of the Amazon gift card was Deb. You should have an email from me today!

Fall for Fall kick-off

 photo fallforfall_zps64a5ade9.jpg
It’s not quite October but I thought starting the week off on a fun fresh foot could be beneficial for all.   Triple S bloggers are “falling for Fall”!  We are taking a little step away from our fitness focus and enjoying the smell of cinnamon and the crunch of leaves.
Each week we have a new theme for posts.
 photo October2013_zps057337a3.jpg


My fall race calendar so far:
  • Rib Run 10k, October 5
  • Allstate 13.1, October 26
  • McKinney Mini (half), November 9
  • Dallas Marathon, December 8
This week we are sharing some Fall races in the DFW area. Check out these races!

Graham Pumpkin Run, 10/12 
Halloween Hustle 5k Mud run 10/19.
Trails of Terror 10/19 
Haunt Jaunt 10/19 
Monster series Triathlon 10/20 and 10/26-27
Biohazard Zombie Run 10/20 
Plano Pacers Boo Scoot 10/26 
Jack-o-Lantern Jog 10/26
Heritage Monster Dash 10/26
Halloween Hustle 10/27
Ft. Worth Monster Dash 10/27
Spooky Trot 10/31


Have an awesome Fall recipe?  Contact one of us about participating in our Fall recipe round up!

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Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Any races?

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Marathon training: 7 down, 11 to go!

I’m getting closer and closer to the halfway mark! This week started long mid-week runs with 7 miles on Wednesday. But I had a shorter run today than last week. Weekly mileage stayed the same as last week. That 7 mile run Wednesday made speed work on Thursday very difficult. Let’s just say I wouldn’t exactly call it speed work!


I was super sore after last weeks hilly 14 mile route so I went with a less hilly route today for 10 miles. I also tried something new this week. On Monday while Ally was at track I found a hill and some stairs to run/climb/sprint up! It was tough, but I’m thinking about doing it every Monday while she’s there. I only made it 20 minutes this week.

It’s still pretty warm here if you ask me. 80 degrees for a 5AM run is no fun! It was so nice this morning, the temps finally dropped. Chances are they’ll still go back up at least one more time. Such is life in Texas.


While training for my first marathon I’m also running two half marathons and a 10k. Might as well get a medal for running 13 miles, right? I have the Allstate 13.1 in Dallas on October 26 and I just signed up for the McKinny Mini on November 9. I’m hoping for some PR’s on my half time. These two races “claim” they are PR courses. I sure hope so!

And Ally is signed up for two 5k’s so far, I think there will be another one in December.

Training this week:

Sunday: Rest day!

Monday: Hill repeats and running stairs at the track. 20 minutes = 220 calories!

Tuesday: 5 miles, 9:29 pace

Wednesday: 7 miles, 10:06 pace

Thursday: 4 miles, Run/walk intervals, 10:32 pace

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 10 miles, 9:23 pace!


 My first long mid-week run. Started at 4:40AM!


Saturday’s 10 miles in 65 degree temps! It was wonderful!

We had one driver wanting to play chicken with us and one runner fall. Scary when that happens!
10 miles

Today is my Saturday to work, then I’m hoping to squeeze a nap in, visit my grandmother and probably hit the grocery store at some point. I should probably do laundry too.

Any big plans this weekend?

Did you workout today?

Anyone racing?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

March Madness going STRONG!

I hope you are trying out these exercises each week. We are working hard this year on getting strong and staying motivated. If you don’t have a workout partner or someone to hold you accountable, find one or ask me! I have lots of ladies in my life that hold me accountable. If I don’t show up you better believe they are gonna want to know why!

I’ve been doing the lateral jumps and jump squats this week. That gets my heart rate up and my legs are feeling it. I’m working on getting strong this year. I have a lot of goals and a lot to look forward to.

Goals for 2013, these are a work in progress!

  • Running: that’s an easy one for me. I’m getting about 18-25 miles a week, just depends on the long run that’s scheduled.
  • Weight training: Going pretty good. Some days I use light weights at home, when I go to the gym I lift heavier weights.
  • Core: I’m doing push-up, planks, sit-ups, anything and everything I can to strengthen my core.
  • Blog goals: I’m trying to stay consistent in writing posts. I’m always interested in what my readers want to see, so shoot me an email if there’s a topic you want discussed or if you have a question. I’m also trying to stay caught up reading the blogs I follow and comment on those too!
  • Organizing my house. Let’s get back to this one another day. (not doing well)
  • Eating better. Some days good, some days not. Overall I’m doing good.

March Madness, new exercise for the week!

We have a new exercise this week, coming from Shelly and Running Pfuhl. We all know getting healthy and fit isn’t about luck, you have to work for it. It takes dedication and hard work. Tell us what you are doing!

Training update: Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon

My last “long run” for RnR is tomorrow, it’s 9 miles and we are going to the lake for change of scenery. It’s my first Rock N’ Roll race and everyone says they are fun but crowded. Cowtown was really crowded so I’m prepared. I’m hoping to shave a few minutes off my time from Cowtown. If the weather cooperates that should be doable.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Anyone racing this weekend? Did you workout today?


What I Ate (and did) Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I’m normally off but I switched my days around to be off Thursday and Friday. Woohoo long weekend!

I worked out at home this morning, did my 20 minute home circuit and burned 200 calories! I’ll probably hit the gym tonight, I need to lift heavier weights than what I have at home.

photo-2   photo-3

Breakfast was a protein shake, I missed my morning snack since things are crazy here. Lunch was those yummy leftovers from dinner last night. I have chicken in the crock pot for chicken tacos tonight.

I got my confirmation from Rock N Roll, with my bib number and corral! It’s 11 days away! I’m excited.

Did you workout today?



Race weekend! {Cowtown race review}

Wow! What a busy weekend. I’ve never had two races in one weekend, but the first go wasn’t too bad.

The race was about an hour or so from where we live so we got a hotel for the weekend and it was so much easier than driving back and forth two days in a row. Friday night we ate at one of our favorite places in Ft. Worth, Joe T Garcia’s. They basically serve two dishes, no menus, cash only. And it is some serious good food!

Packet pick-up was easy. Both of my packets were together and there weren’t any lines on Friday night. I got 2 t-shirts and 1 technical shirt that evening. Then after completing my half I got another finishers tech shirt in hot pink!

Saturday morning was the kids 5k, it started at 9:30 and followed the 10k and adults 5k. Ally and I ran it together, crossing the finish line in 29:58.It was a perfect pace for me, a nice warm-up for the half. There were a TON of kids and it was great to see them out running but I had to be careful not to get tripped. After we finished it was time to eat!

Race outfit and bib.


Me and my girl waiting for the race to start.


I managed to get a nap in and rest most of the afternoon. We had dinner and dessert with friends that were all running the Cowtown on Sunday, some were running half, full and ultra distance. What’s better than pasta and gelato?


Sunday morning started at 4:45AM. I did however wake up every hour after 1:00AM.


Made my bagel, peanut butter and banana and headed out. This race is in Downtown and they have the convention center open so we can all stay warm inside before the race. We stretched, took pre-race pictures and waited.

Race outfit and all the essentials!


Pre-race silliness!



I met up with Sarah from A Runner’s Heart, she is also the Moms Run This Town chapter leader in Ft. Worth.



We were in Corral 3 and started about 7:10, the race stayed pretty crowded the whole way. The 2 halfs I’ve run before have thinned out but not this one. All three (half, full and ultra) distances stayed together until about mile 10 if I remember right.


I can’t say enough about the crowd control, spectators, traffic, the route, everything was great! All the churches we passed had people out, some played music, there were bands at some of the businesses and all the officers directing traffic did a great job. I think this race will stay on my list! There were a lot of hills and one scary one but we did it, we train hills for a reason!


Official time 2:13:15, that’s 10:10 per mile.

10k split 1:05:16, 10:30 per mile.

11 mile split 1:53:48, 10:21 per mile.


Let’s see…detox from all the food I ate this weekend starts now!

13 Races in 2013 challenge!

I just registered for the 13 in 2013 challenge! Yes, that’s 13 races in 2013. I signed up for the multi-distance category since I have all types of races planned. If you are interested here’s the link.


Maybe your 2013 goal is just to start running! That’s an awesome goal. Leave me a comment if you’ve signed up for the challenge or made the decision to start running!