What I Ate (and did) Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I’m normally off but I switched my days around to be off Thursday and Friday. Woohoo long weekend!

I worked out at home this morning, did my 20 minute home circuit and burned 200 calories! I’ll probably hit the gym tonight, I need to lift heavier weights than what I have at home.

photo-2   photo-3

Breakfast was a protein shake, I missed my morning snack since things are crazy here. Lunch was those yummy leftovers from dinner last night. I have chicken in the crock pot for chicken tacos tonight.

I got my confirmation from Rock N Roll, with my bib number and corral! It’s 11 days away! I’m excited.

Did you workout today?



Random stuff and a winner!

This is a random post and we have a winner. I know you are probably more excited about that than my randomness!

Today’s workout was a 5 mile run, it was actually one of the best 5 milers I’ve had in a while. It was still colder than I wanted it to be, but it was a good run!


It’s a Tuesday version of what I Ate Wednesday! I wanted to share what I made for dinner tonight, it was so yummy! I’m loving my rice cooker and steamer. It’s the simple things in life. I saute’d the chicken in the coconut oil and spices, steamed the veggies, rice and pineapple. Right after I took this picture I cut it all up and mixed it together.


I just finished watching The Biggest Loser from last night! I’m excited for the finale. (Spoiler alert…I’m rooting for Danni!)

We had over 650 entries for the Albion Fit go long top. Congratulations Jodi Stuber! Watch for an email from me.

What was your workout today? Did you eat anything yummy and healthy?

A long run and a 4k!

Saturday was busy, busy! I am officially 2 weeks from Rock N’ Roll Dallas half marathon, so yesterday’s long run was 10 miles. Straight into the wind. And it was humid. It was a rough run.


That was followed up by the Tap N’ Run 4k at 5PM. The weather here was threatening crazy storms so they moved the start time to about 4:30, I think the first wave went at 4:45pm. The packet pick-up and start line were hosted at the Sandbar in Deep Ellum. Things were a little crazy as one would expect at a race like this. It was great people watching! It was fairly organized considering the weather, the number of people and that we were at a bar!

Random stranger in an apron.


One complaint I heard was in the registration form it wasn’t clear about asking for your name on your bib. I missed it, my running partner missed it and I saw a lot of other people that did too. But no big deal, just an observation.


Each stop that served beer was enclosed in barricades, you had to give them a ticket off your bib to get in and you had to drink the beer in the barricade. They also served water. 1 out of 4 beers I really like, 1 was pretty good and the other 2 were not good. It was all Sam Adams. While I’m not a beer aficionado, I do like it really cold on a hot day, especially after a run! My favorite was Angry Orchard Hard Cider.

Here’s the start and finish line.


Our “costumes” were last minute, so we went with housewives and Alisha embroidered our shirts to say “Running shoes are my high heels”. We wore our aprons and pearls. We got called Betty Crocker, bakers and our favorite was “fast runners”! We’ll take it. I think we were one of the few people actually running the race.


The finisher’s medal is a bottle opener!


We had fun and are already planning a team costume for next year’s race!

I got a few new things to try this week ~ Almond butter and Coconut Oil. Anyone already using these?


Don’t forget to check Friday’s post for the giveaway from Albion Fit!

Are you doing the squat jumps? What was your workout today or this weekend?

Race weekend! {Cowtown race review}

Wow! What a busy weekend. I’ve never had two races in one weekend, but the first go wasn’t too bad.

The race was about an hour or so from where we live so we got a hotel for the weekend and it was so much easier than driving back and forth two days in a row. Friday night we ate at one of our favorite places in Ft. Worth, Joe T Garcia’s. They basically serve two dishes, no menus, cash only. And it is some serious good food!

Packet pick-up was easy. Both of my packets were together and there weren’t any lines on Friday night. I got 2 t-shirts and 1 technical shirt that evening. Then after completing my half I got another finishers tech shirt in hot pink!

Saturday morning was the kids 5k, it started at 9:30 and followed the 10k and adults 5k. Ally and I ran it together, crossing the finish line in 29:58.It was a perfect pace for me, a nice warm-up for the half. There were a TON of kids and it was great to see them out running but I had to be careful not to get tripped. After we finished it was time to eat!

Race outfit and bib.


Me and my girl waiting for the race to start.


I managed to get a nap in and rest most of the afternoon. We had dinner and dessert with friends that were all running the Cowtown on Sunday, some were running half, full and ultra distance. What’s better than pasta and gelato?


Sunday morning started at 4:45AM. I did however wake up every hour after 1:00AM.


Made my bagel, peanut butter and banana and headed out. This race is in Downtown and they have the convention center open so we can all stay warm inside before the race. We stretched, took pre-race pictures and waited.

Race outfit and all the essentials!


Pre-race silliness!



I met up with Sarah from A Runner’s Heart, she is also the Moms Run This Town chapter leader in Ft. Worth.



We were in Corral 3 and started about 7:10, the race stayed pretty crowded the whole way. The 2 halfs I’ve run before have thinned out but not this one. All three (half, full and ultra) distances stayed together until about mile 10 if I remember right.


I can’t say enough about the crowd control, spectators, traffic, the route, everything was great! All the churches we passed had people out, some played music, there were bands at some of the businesses and all the officers directing traffic did a great job. I think this race will stay on my list! There were a lot of hills and one scary one but we did it, we train hills for a reason!


Official time 2:13:15, that’s 10:10 per mile.

10k split 1:05:16, 10:30 per mile.

11 mile split 1:53:48, 10:21 per mile.


Let’s see…detox from all the food I ate this weekend starts now!

Killer workouts!

I’ve been struggling with my Asics hurting the top of my right foot. I’ve put bandaids and mole skin on when I run but it still feels bruised after. So, before I get drastic and take yet another pair of shoes back I researched ways to lace your running shoes. I found exactly what I was looking for here. You can see in the picture my right shoe is laced differently. There are several things you can correct with lacing your shoes differently~ black toenails, shoes being too tight, the pain on top of your foot (hot spots) and heel sliding are just a few.

I tried it out for 2 miles on the treadmill Sunday and no pain. I gave it another try this morning on the treadmill and it’s still feeling good! Hopefully I am good to go!


I’m not a fan of treadmill runs but I have to do them sometimes. This morning it was raining pretty good, 46 degrees and 10 mph wind…I wasn’t feeling it! So, I hit the gym for 2 miles on the treadmill and weights, ab work and planks. I got my Russian twists in for the Too Hot to Handle challenge, I did some tortuous leg thing where I pushed a mat across the gym floor! My legs will be screaming tomorrow!

photo (3)

I did these planks on a Bosu ball, thanks to my friend Jill who showed me how to use it! I’m trying not to be gym equipment challenged anymore! We flipped it over where the “ball” was on the ground and held on for dear life to the base of the bosu ball. I could feel those planks high in my abs where I don’t usually feel them.

photo (2)

It’s 11 days until the Cowtown 5k and 12 days until the Cowtown Half marathon! I’m excited about the Cowtown challenge (running 2 races in a weekend).

Don’t forget we have the Scentsy giveaway going on here.

What was your workout today? Anyone training for any races coming up? What killer workouts are you doing?

Fun giveaway from Scentsy!

Happy Sunday!

Last night I went to the gym for just weights, planks and my Russian twists for this weeks Too Hot to Handle challenge.

These planks are killing me, but I’m so happy to see the results of hard work!



We have a fun giveaway from Scentsy this week. Visit Molly’s Scentsy page and tell me what warmer you would choose. She graciously offered up a warmer of the winner’s choice and 2 scents!

Just click the Rafflecopter link below to enter! It runs from today until 11:59PM CST on Thurday. We will draw the winner on Friday. It’s open to US Residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you had your workout yet or is it a rest day for you?

Russian Twists, oh my!

Happy Saturday! Today was long run day for me, 9 miles done! It was a nice temperature but the wind started picking up the last 4 miles. We still managed to pull out a 10:32 average pace for 9 miles!

photo (7)

Hoping to hit the gym sometime today for just weights.

Are you participating in Too Hot to Handle this month? We have a new exercise this week for you. We are working on getting those Love Handles in check this month, join us any time!

This week’s exercise is Russian Twists coming to you from Sara at She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs. See the challenge here. Give me a shout and let me know if you are participating. I’ve been able to hold my feet off the ground while doing these for 1 minute so I’ll be working on getting to at least 2 minutes by the end of the week. You can do these without weights as well. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thth and tag me @howmyworldruns on Twitter and Instagram!

We have a fun Valentine’s giveaway to announce tomorrow! Have a great Saturday!

What are your goals for this weekend?

We’ll call this Brag Day!

It’s Friday! Who’s excited??

I want to hear what you’ve been up to. What are your accomplishments this week, this month, since January? Lost weight, inches, met a plank goal, a running goal? Whatever it is, let’s hear it!

Yesterday I got 5 miles in, at just under 10:30 per mile. Just started working on getting my speed up a little bit.


Today is my rest day, I have a 9 mile training run in the morning. We are tapering down our miles for Cowtown! I can’t believe it’s almost here.

My Moms Run the Town chapter had a booth at the Dallas Hot Chocolate race. I volunteered last night and tonight.


Have a great day!

Goals getting crushed!

I am so excited I finally hit a 2 minute plank!!


This morning I ran 3.25 miles at 9:24 pace, got speed work in. Did a mini boot-camp after with sprints, planks and russian twists! Got 40 V-ups done and plan for 40 more tonight!

Shout out to Run Find Your Happy Pace  for hosting a giveaway for Shakeology samples. I won the Chocolate and it was pretty good!

photo (61)

We have winners for the final Swiftwick drawing. Congratulations Leah Frazier, Laurel Cedarblade, Debbie Harris, Shannon, Angela Pak and Nicole Leibee! Watch for an email from me today.

I got 70 V-Ups done yesterday for the Too Hot to Handle challenge! Are you participating? How many did you get done?

Running buddies!

Yesterday I had some cute running buddies for my virtual 5k. I am participating in the 13 in 2013 challenge. That’s 13 races this year. There was a virtual race this week, Tackle the Miles, to help us reach that goal. Ally and I ran the 5k with Molly.


My cute running buddies!


Molly likes to run, several times we were running a sub 9:30 minute per mile!

We have a winner of our Sweat Pink Swag Bag, congratulations Cerissa Brown!! Watch for an email from me.

We still have a few giveaways going on, one ends tonight and the last one ends tomorrow night!

I got four sets of 10 V-Ups done yesterday, those are hard but I’m taking the challenge head on! Are you participating in our Too Hot to Handle challenge? How are your V-Ups coming along?

Have a great day!