Rock n’ Roll Dallas 2015 re-cap

Since I never got my New Orleans full recap up, I figured I’d better get busy on this one ASAP! This race was a different one for me, in a good way. It’s so fun to be there when your friends hit their goals they work soooo hard to achieve!

Rock n' Roll DallasHalf Marathon2015

Ally went with me to the Expo and packet pick up on Saturday. She likes to go and shop, of course!

RnR expo 1

RnR usually has really good expos, large, with lots of vendors. This one was better than New Orleans was, but the one in Dallas 2 years ago was still the best. Brooks has a huge showing at these expos too.

RnR expo brooks

I was looking for headbands but didn’t find the ones I wanted so I’ll just order them online. We grabbed a cute shirt from one booth then had to back and get the head band for a friend!

This was the best I could get from her. She’s a mess!

Ally RnR

Snapped a picture of the course map.

RnR Dallas map

I checked the elevation and saw there were some hills, but I didn’t realize how hilly it was. More on that later.

Dallas big 2015

When I got back to my car my MRTT (Moms Run This Town) magnet had been flipped upside down. I assumed it was someone from Rockwall but apparently the Allen chapter loves this game, someone there was the culprit. Too funny! So, if you see an MRTT magnet on a car, it’s perfectly acceptable behavior to flip it upside down. She took a picture (and so did I) and posted it in her chapter group. Be sure and leave the license plate out of the picture. 🙂

flipped mrtt magnet

That night I finally made a choice on what to wear (or so I thought). I had it narrowed down to tank top, maybe shorts, maybe capris. If it rained I wanted capris and since that was still a maybe I chose capris. I took my throw away sweat shirt but forgot my gels.

RnR Dallas flat mama

Got up at 5:15 on race day, got dressed, had breakfast, grabbed my stuff and John took me to meet friends to head out.

The race started at 8am, we left Rockwall at 6:15, thinking that was plenty of time to get parked and get into our corrals. We barely made it. But at least we didn’t have a bunch of time to stand around and get nervous! Two years ago when I ran RnR Dallas it was a point to point race, you parked at the end and they shuttled us to the start. This year it was point to point again with about 1 mile in between start and finish. No shuttle. You basically were on your own, park where you can and walk it. I disliked that very much. We parked easily but had at least .5 miles to walk to the start.

We got to the race at corral 1 and bag check was at corral 15. It was very crowded along the corrals but we got to bag check and found a ton of port-a-potties, took care of that and headed for our corral with about 12 minutes to spare. We got into our corral and took a picture, sang the National Anthem and we were off. They didn’t waste any time.

The weather was gloomy looking, I kept thinking it was going to pour down rain on us, but it never did.

RnR shoes

There were four of us, we’d all been training together the last few weeks to help two of the girls hit new goals. They both badly wanted a sub 2 hour half, their first. We stayed together for about 4 miles, then broke into two groups. It’s hard to make that choice to push a friend unless you really know they want you to. I was torn between staying with her and leaving. I was afraid she would be mad either way, even though she told me to go. (She wasn’t mad at me, but still wants that sub 2.) We are all busy making goals for the Fall.

RnR pre race

I ended up running on my own for a little while, saw a few friends on the way. Luckily Anna had an extra Gu on her and had given it to me just in case. It was salted watermelon and not the worst I’ve had but it’s so thick. I really can’t hardly stand it. I use the Advocare rehydrate gels but I was desperate. I made it to about mile 8 before I needed it. I just ate it slowly.

Got to about mile 9 and caught up with the other half of our group and finished the race with them. Anna was still on target for a sub 2 hour, she was fighting for every step. I have been there. You want it so bad, you just have to convince your legs to cooperate. I think she had mostly 8:50 miles until that point.

We hit the mountain at mile 10, it seemed to go on forever, and that slowed us down. We were still ahead of the 2 hour pacer so we had time in the bank. I would run a little ahead to stay on the 9:10 pace and would slow down some then speed up a little. We were bouncing around at that point, but still pushing forward. We got passed by the 2 hour pacer somewhere about mile 12, I think. It was all kind of a blur after that, like a scene from a movie. You are in that final stretch, you get passed but still don’t quit.

Up ahead we see runners from Rockwall cheering and I tell them Anna needs a push, we are so close! The 2 hour pacer is still in front of us, we have less than 1/2 a mile to go. I’m staying with the pacer to try to draw her my way, our other friend is with her and just ahead cheering and telling her she can do it. She dug deep and sprinted ahead of that 2 hour pacer in the final stretch, we may have even been in the finish line chute. Seriously it was a blur. Got it by 3 seconds.

Here we are literally right after crossing. The look on Anna’s face tell you how hard she worked! I’m sure you can guess which one is Anna! I have the biggest grin on my face, such a goof!

Anna rnr finish

We grabbed our medals but still weren’t sure if she came in under 2 hours, that pacer could have been off. We got Gatorade, potato chips (seriously the best post race snack ever!), and then headed to the engraving tent to check her time.

RnR Dallas finish

My friend Cynthia also go her first sub 2! These ladies are rock stars!

RnR Dallas post race

We caught up with several friends that had hit their goals that day. It was so fun hearing the stories and celebrating with them!

2015-03-22 10.47.03

We found coach and took more pictures, got our stuff from gear check and went to get our free beer. And take more pictures!

Rnr pic with coach B

We have some pretty awesome runners in our group, quite a few are headed to Boston next month. They were out there cheering us on at this race.

rnr finish line party

Here’s my medal, I forgot to take a picture of the shirt.

rnr dallas medal

John picked me up from the finish and we tried a new place for lunch, Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. I had some ridiculously good food. Yes, that’s bacon on a skewer.

rnr dallas lunch

We shared fries and rings for all three of us.

rnr lunch fries

I got the grilled cheese with mozzarella, pesto and tomato. So YUMMY!

rnr dallas lunch grilled cheese

After that, we headed home and you would think I’d be sitting on the couch…..

Wrong. Laundry, vacummed the house, cleaned out the fridge and did the dishes. Thankfully I talked John into going to the store for me. Oh and Ally had softball practice. The season starts this weekend!

Now our group is busy making goals for this fall. No matter the pace, we are all training together, cheering and supporting each other and just running.

2015-03-17 07.10.31

What are you training for?

Do you make goals? Write them down?

Happy running,

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Weekly run-down

Last week was finally a full week of running and getting to the gym. No snow, no ice, not much sunshine either. But hey, we need the rain. It’s sunny here today though!

weekly rundown

Training last week:

Sunday: Gym day

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Track, 4×1 mile repeats, 8 miles including warm up and cool down, average pace 9:17

Wednesday: Gym day

Thursday: 6 miles, average pace 9:11

Friday: Gym day

Saturday: 9 miles at the lake then breakfast with friends! Average pace 9:14

I was very glad to get several days at the gym this week. It was Ally’s spring break so I took a few vacation days. We did a few projects at home, did a little shopping, saw McFarland USA (was soooo good!) I cried.

I painted and organized my pantry. It needed it badly. I should have painted it when we moved in last August but things were crazy and I was just ready to move in!

pantry before

After (it looks a little better) At least the shelves are white now and not yellow.

pantry after

Next up, I need to paint the kitchen chairs and I have a chair at my dressing table that needs paint and new fabric.

Ally is raising rabbits this year for her first (and probably last) 4-H project. We have less than 2 weeks to go before they go to auction. They are pretty cute but nasty little things too. They have made a mess in our garage! And they will scratch your arms up too.


I have Rock N’ Roll Dallas half coming up on Sunday. I’m getting excited!

What are you training for?

Working on any home projects?

Happy running!

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2014: My year in racing {link-up}

Thanks to Montana over at Pretty Lil Mudder for hosting this link up!

  2014- My year in racing

Here is my run down of racing this year!

  • Most Scenic Course: Dallas Marathon, this course went all over Dallas. There was always something to see. Lots of pretty houses, Greenville Avenue, White Rock Lake, Highland Park Fire Station had a flag flying over the street, it was amazing to see! I’ll get the re-cap up soon.
  • Best Expo: Dallas Marathon. Lots of exhibitors, lots of freebies plus I found a great pair of Sunglasses and snagged a FlipBelt.

Dallas expo

  • Best Post-Race Food & Beverages: Cowtown. They had the usual but also had soup and ice cream.
  • Best Swag: Cowtown. I got 3 shirts and 2 medals for 2 days of running.
  • Most Unique Medal: Cowtown. It’s a 3 year series, all buckles.
  • Favorite Race Shirt: DRC Half (Dallas Running Club). It’s long sleeve, tech and bright pink.
  • Favorite Overall Race: I guess DRC Half. As far as races go, they were all well run, good courses, but DRC now holds my PR. It was during a rough time and I needed that race and needed to know that I could do it.
  • Best Course Support (aid stations, volunteers, people cheering you on, etc): Dallas Marathon
  • Race You Are Most Proud of Yourself for Completing: Patriot Half, I fought real hard to just finish this one. Set out to make this my first 1:50 half but it became about finishing on my feet. That was a rough day. You can find the recap here.
I had a lot of races this year, lots of goals. Some of them a little lofty (ie. marathon goal). It’s ok to have lofty goals, but I also needed a realistic goal. I accomplished a lot this year, had some set backs, but am pushing through.

New Orleans Rock N Roll is January 26, 2015. It will be my first race of 2015. Other than that I don’t have much I’m registered for. I need to make some decisions about what to run next year.

Be sure and check out the other bloggers list, you might find your next race!

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You can link up your racing recap for the year until Sunday!


Happy running!

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Marathon Monday: training update #3

It’s a rainy Monday morning here. I got woken up about 5AM to some crazy lightning, thunder and then a hail and rain storm. We need the rain badly, but I can do without the hail hitting the house and cars. Oh, how I love to sleep in on days like this too!

marathon training

Less than 3 weeks until my next half.

10 weeks until the Dallas Marathon!

Training last week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Track workout, 3×1 mile repeats, with 800 recovery, 2 mile warm-up, 1 mile cool down

Wednesday: 3 miles and then hit the gym for abs, stretching and the sauna

Thursday: 6 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Sort of a rest day. My daughter and friends were running a 5k/10k so I got about a mile in, but mostly it was cheering.

Sunday: 17 miles

We had a busy weekend. It was Ally’s birthday. We had her party at a skating rink. Had some delicious cookies and cupcakes. (eeek) They were so good and yes, I had more than my fair share. Sweets don’t tempt me unless they are in front of me. Out of sight is way better for me!

Ally 13th

She took 1st place in her age group in the 5k, with almost a 1 minute PR.

2014-10-06 09.15.50

We had great weather this weekend, the mornings are cooler. I love being able to run and breathe. This week the afternoons are going to warm back up, but I think we get to keep our cool mornings.

Did you run this weekend? Anyone race?

Happy running,

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Weekly recap

I’m starting to get more in a routine again. Moving is hard work and it gets in the way of running, that’s for sure. We are still house hunting and hope to get settled soon.

It has been hard getting used to the humidity and not feeling like I suck at running.  But, I do love the track workouts and am very excited to see the results this fall.

Here are the recent posts if you missed them.

Weekly training recap2

Training this week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Track, 10 x 200’s with 200 recovery, with 2 mile warm-up

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 8 miles, 2 mile warm-up, 2 miles of Fartleks and 4 miles not-so-easy-but-doable pace

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 11 miles. It was 80 degrees when we started at 5AM.

You might look at this week and think, “she took a lot of rest days”. Yes I did. Marathon training is about to get into full swing and I figured I better rest while I can. Right now I am signed up for 2 marathons and will sign up for a half in October. The plan is the Michelob half on October 26, Dallas Full on December 14 and Rock N Roll New Orleans January 25. Then I think I’ll be hibernating!

Ally starts 7th grade in 9 days. I cannot believe that. Time flies ya’ll. It’s crazy how fast she is growing up.

Anyone else run track workouts?

What does your fall and winter race schedule look like?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Goals, weekend and training update

We had a fairly calm weekend compared to what they’ve been recently. I didn’t have anywhere I had to be on Saturday except to run. I got 7 miles in, struggled, but it got done. Caught the last half of Ally’s softball practice, caught up on laundry and a little cleaning. Ally decided to clean out her closet and we did a little shopping. We didn’t have much luck finding her anything.

Mellow Mushroom finally opened here and we decided to meet some friends for dinner. We got there at 5 and we finally got dinner about 8. We were there for 4 hours. It was fun hanging out with friends, but we will wait a few weeks for things to settle down before we go back.

Ally’s last softball game is tonight. We’ve had a fun season, some wins, some losses but it’s a great group of girls and parents!

Warming up at her pitching lesson.

Warming up at her pitching lesson.

School is out Thursday morning, just have to stay for the awards at 9:30. Have I told you how ready I am for school to be out? Going to fully enjoy this summer. We have a few things that need to be done around the house, but definitely planning lots of fun stuff on my days off. I’m going to church camp with Ally in July. It’s her last year at pre-teen camp. She starts in the youth group next week.

Goalscheck 2

It’s been a while since we’ve talked goals. I’m still hard at work (most days) but I like to re-examine them periodically.

  • Water. I got really dehydrated at my half last week so I’m drinking water like it’s my job!
  • Mileage, it’s climbing and except for adjusting to the temperatures I’m handling it well. I love track workouts!
  • Strength training. Still going to the gym 1-2 times a week. Our running club moved locations and now we meet in the same parking lot as my gym so I may be able to head over there after running.
  • Half marathon goals. I did not hit my 1:50 goal last week, I came real close. So, now I need to decide what goal to work for the Fall.

Training last week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Patriot half marathon (recap here)

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: 6 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 7 miles

Pace was not great this week. I’m going easy on myself for that because of the race and the temps/humidity. But going forward my goal will be to get my pace down. I know it will take hard work and I have to stay on top of my hydration to be successful.

I don’t have a race until October as of now, so I have plenty of time to just focus on the work.

Surround yourself

Did you workout today?

Have you made new goals?

When is your next race?

Happy running!

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Find your strong: Patriot Half Marathon recap

This race is in my blood it seems. I know how tough it is, but I love it because it was my first half.  I set out to run this race and get a PR. I have been training toward that goal and I know I have it in me. That being said, I did not accomplish my PR, but I fought for every mile and every step on Monday. I came very, very close to that PR and I will get it.

Find your strong

I rested all of last week because of my ankle. I got 4 miles in Saturday morning as a test run. I knew if I couldn’t do it pain free, then Monday was out of the question. I ran it pain free and so far still no ankle pain. I will not forget to stretch and roll like a rock star every single week, pretty much every other day for the rest of my life.

The expo was on Sunday, I volunteered to work our Moms Run This Town booth for a few hours. I grabbed mine and Ally’s packet the day before and we were set. That night we had dinner with a few friends and I got to bed early. I wasn’t too nervous yet. I didn’t realize it yet but I wasn’t drinking enough water. I had the minimum amount but really should have had more. Hind sight, right?

I had to be at the race at 6:15 on Monday to work packet pick-up. I got up at 5AM, got dressed, had breakfast, had a few minutes to sit (pace). Then grabbed my friend Lisa and we drove the 5 minutes to the race. We helped out and then the picture taking ensued. I don’t even know how many group pictures we took, it was like the paparazzi or something.

Patriot 2014 collage

The weather called for rain and what we thought would be a downpour. It ended up being super cloudy at the start at 7:45 AM, temperate felt ok at that time. I never checked the humidity but I’m told it was in the 80% range.

I met up with my pacer, Melissa. We’ve been running together for about a month or so, she offered to pace me to what I had hoped would be my first 1:50 half. We did a little warm up, I talked with Ally once more about where she was going to line up. (She was running the 5.75 mile leg of the half relay). We had the prayer and we were off.  First few miles were good. We tried to start on pace so we wouldn’t have to make up time at the end. I’d rather keep even splits than have to worry about how to make it up later. I decided not to carry water this race. I went back and forth on not wanting to have to carry it vs having the water when I wanted it. I did pretty good for the first few miles.

I got to mile 4 and it was like I hit a wall. This wave of heat coming off my head and chill bumps, I was seeing spots. I couldn’t figure out where this was coming from. I got some Gatorade and started on my Advocare Rehydrate Gel. I was planning on waiting til mile 5 at least but decided I needed it. We walked a minute, Melissa assuring me we were fine on time. I was having trouble getting my breathing under control so she was reminding me of that as well.

We started up again and were coming into the first hilly section of the race. I was feeling better and breathing was getting under control. I never thought to check my heart rate on my watch, but I knew there were times it was high.

Here we are heading into mile 5 or 5.5, I’m smiling and starting to think I had a grip on things.

2014-05-26 12.53.02

After the turn around at the park I got to see Ally and cheer her on right before I started up a series of 2 hills. This was also about the time it started raining. Looking back I think the rain helped keep my breathing under control and heart rate down. If I think about when the rain stopped it was about the time things got bad. I had moments of greatness in this race, I was running like a champ. Then there were times when Melissa was literally telling me to take deep breaths, keep my arms down and relax.

We got these hills done and got a nice big downhill and a little bit of flat-ish running before heading into the last of the rolling hills to the finish. If I remember right mile 10 was pure greatness. I felt good, I took the hill with great form. We were still on pace, I was telling myself and Melissa how much I wanted this PR. I knew I could do it. Mentally I was ok. Physically I wasn’t but I kept on. Melissa was dumping water on my head and chest, trying to keep me cool and focused.

We took the last of the hills and made the next to the last turn, we were in mile 12 and my body gave up on me. I had to stop in the road and Melissa had to take hold of me. A guy I didn’t know came up behind us and grabbed my other arm. We stood there a few minutes, I knew enough that I was letting my PR slip out of my grasp.

This is the worst and best photo. I got to experience first hand what a great running community I’m a part of. Literally being held up to finish a race. Words cannot express my emotion. I have never, ever fought so hard for every step, every mile. I wanted this so bad and I can honestly say I left it all on the course.

Patriot half 2014, finish

I had no idea how bad off I was at this point. I only knew I wanted to finish. We tried telling the guy to go on, I didn’t want to ruin his race too. But there was no way he was leaving us. So we took off running, really slow, but running. I had to keep moving. We rounded the last corner, the finish line was in sight but might as well have been 3 miles away. I had to walk again, being held up.

patriot 2014 half, at the finish

I had enough fight to finish the race running but as soon as we crossed the line they both grabbed me and the medics had hold of me pretty quick. I don’t remember much, other than them telling me I didn’t look good, my eyes were red, they were dumping water on me again, laying ice packs on my neck.

I had to stay put for a while. I did get to eat an icee and a few small cupcakes, I guess the sugar was what I needed. They took my blood pressure and just watched me for at least 20 minutes but it seemed like forever. I missed my friends finishing and I felt so stupid at the time. But looking back I am a fighter, I went after what I wanted and even though I didn’t get it (this time), I didn’t give up.

And somehow through all that I took 1st place in my age group, something I have never done in a half. I am able to be excited about that now! Final time 1:52:22. It’s a course PR but, Allstate from last year holds my PR at 1:52:02.

Ally ran her relay like a rock star! She had the 1st leg, 5.75 miles, at a 9:10 per mile pace. I am so very proud of her! I cannot wait to see the things she will accomplish!

Ally patriot relay 2014

If you are in the Dallas area or willing to get there, the Patriot race is a tough course but one I highly recommend. The crowd support and finish line area is great. The parking is easy to get in and out of. It’s mentally and physically challenging but can bring out the fighter in you! Registration for 2015 is already going on and it’s at a great price.

You never know how you might affect someone in a race. I got to be the recipient of someone giving their time in a race to help me. And someone else emailed me to tell me I helped her early on in the race when I didn’t even know it. Sometimes all it takes is a positive attitude and a look of determination that someone needs to keep going.

Try to remember that the next time you feel like giving up.

Happy running!

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13 in 2013 race recap

I completed (plus one) the 13 in 2013 race challenge!


My races this year:


  • Moms Run This Town Winter Virtual 10k






  • March for Babies Virtual 5 miler
  • Green Door 5k









  • McKinney Mini Half Marathon

McKinney mini

This was a great year of racing. I hit a lot of milestones. I’m looking forward to 2014 bringing more races and more milestones!

14 in 2014 will open soon!

How many races do you usually run each year?

Do you plan them in advance or sign up last minute?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

P.S. The winner of the Amazon gift card was Deb. You should have an email from me today!

Half Marathon tips for Beginners

Half mary tips

I am not a trainer or a coach, I’m just sharing what worked for me. Compared to a lot of runners I’m still a beginner too! Most of these tips will apply for any length race you choose.

When I started running I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to run a 5k, let alone have five half marathons under my belt in less than 2 years. Racing was not even on my radar yet. I’m not even sure why I started running….it may have been a suggestion from my husband. Either way, once I completed that first 5k I was hooked and in love!

When I decided to run my first half, I was so “out of the loop” that I asked several people if I should even expect to be able to run a half. Do people even run the whole thing or would I be walking? Their answer ~ train to run it! And I did!

I ran my first half May 2012. I used a training plan from Marathon Rookie, you can find it here. It’s a 10 week program that can easily be lengthened to work for you. I recommend adding in a week to get 7 and 9 miles on the climb up to 12. That downhill (tapering) from 12 serves a purpose, take it seriously. It allows your body time to rest leading up to race day. I have used that plan each time, but I don’t start over at 4 miles since I’m already at a weekend average of 8-10 miles.


These tips are in no particular order:

  1. Hydration: it’s important year round, no matter how cold it is outside. The first time I trained I planted water at the half way point on my runs. The times after that we just made loops by our cars to refuel. I also wear an iFitness hydration belt on all runs over 7 miles if I’m not stopping by my car. I race in that belt too and refill my bottles at water stops. 
  2. Fuel: during training and just in general, fuel is important. I tried several different gels and energy chews. My favorites are Gatorade chews and Honey Stingers Organic energy chews. You should test different ones out on training runs, not race days. Make sure you are eating as well as you can, even on non-running days. Get lots of protein, veggies and fruit!
  3. Gear: Running shoes are the most important, get fitted for good ones! Beyond that, just be comfortable, wear sweat wicking clothes. There are lots of extra things you can get, but all you need is a good pair of shoes!
  4. Find a training partner if at all possible! Someone to hold you accountable and run with. It makes those long runs so much easier.
  5. Stick to your plan. The shorter mid-week runs help your body get ready for the long runs. If you skip those, you risk injury and burnout. Missing 1 midweek run probably isn’t that bad, but don’t expect to miss a week of runs and then be able to run easily on the weekend.
  6. Cross train: Cross training helps keep you strong and (hopefully) injury free. Try walking, biking, swimming, weight lifting, core exercises, using the elliptical. Just about anything other than running! Do these on your non running days. Stretching should also be included in cross training.
  7. Rest days: so very important! You have to have time to rest and recover, listen to your body but 1-2 days a week is a good guideline.
  8. Sign up for a race! There are so many choices, small ones usually have easy parking and cost less. The less stress for race day, the better!

Just go run


Any first time half marathoners out there? What’s your next race?

Have a great day!

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Patriot Half and a shiny PR!

I DID IT! I got my sub-2 hour half marathon! As I’m writing this, I’m still waiting on official results but it should be between 1:57 and 1:58. I could not be happier!

This race marks the 1 year anniversary of my first half marathon and will always hold a special place in my heart. Last year I ran it and knew maybe 5 people on the course~ my friend that I started running with, Alisha and the MRTT chapter leader, Jessica. We had just met. This year I was proud to be wearing a Rockwall Running Club race team shirt and be surrounded by countless new friends and running buddies!

It’s such an awesome experience to see and run with friends in a race! The ones that weren’t running were cheering us on and taking pictures.

Had a yummy dinner the night before with these awesome ladies I’ve been training with for months!


The weather was cloudy and a light wind at the start, we started promptly at 7:45 AM. I lined up with the 2 hour pace team hoping to keep them in sight and see if I could pass them near the finish. I’m so glad this was a local race that I could train the route each weekend. It’s such a tough course and very hilly. The humidity didn’t help either!

This is about Mile 3.

Patriot 1

I run with a iFitness fuel belt with 2 bottles and this race was the first ever where I had to fill my bottles at several water stops. I think I did pretty well staying hydrated. I had a great pace team and they started us out a little under the 9 minute per mile pace to allow some extra cushion for the hills that would slow us down. I was feeling great, got to mile 4 and saw my BFF and her daughter there with signs! I was so happy to see them there!



Before I saw them again at mile 8, we had run some of the hardest miles of the course! I was able to pass the pace team a little after mile 8. I figured if I could stay in front of them I had cushion. Miles 10-11 are on a very long, hilly stretch of road and when we turned onto that road it was like hitting a brick wall, the wind was insane!

Mile 9

Mile 9

I had to walk at about mile 11 ish for a few seconds to catch my breath, my heart rate was up there and I was getting very warm. I’m kinda mad because I think it cost me a sub 1:57 finish, but I’ll get over it since my goal was 1:59:59!

I turned the last corner and one of my very dear friends and wonderful training partner was there and she ran me in the last 1/4 of a mile. She cheered me and told me I could do this and tried to get me to go faster (LOL). All I wanted to do was stop. Our MRTT chapter leader got this great photo of Alisha running me in, unfortunately I’m behind the girl in the maroon shirt! I am grateful to Alisha for that last 1/4 mile!


The clock was changing to 1:57 when I crossed, so I’m anxious to see the time! I crossed and grabbed hold of my husband, so I wouldn’t just collapse! Found out Ally beat her time from last year’s 5k! So proud of how far she’s come in the last year. I waited for all my friends to cross, got myself stretched and adjusted by our wonderful sports chiropractor. I think that will make a difference for me tomorrow, I can already tell I’m not as sore as I normally am. With the exception of one toe~it always gets angry with me after 13 miles!

finish with medals

My watch time shows 1:58 but I realized I un-paused it. (oops)


 Here are mine and Ally’s bibs and medals!


 Me and Ally post-race.

post race

We hung out for a little while then headed to grab lunch. I was getting hungry but couldn’t make a decision so we ended up at Chili’s. Got home and showered and took a nice nap. I kinda miss not grilling and hanging out with friends this year, we will have to plan ahead next year and be ready. This day went way too fast!

This morning gun time shows 1:57:03! (YAY!!)

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