2014: My year in racing {link-up}

Thanks to Montana over at Pretty Lil Mudder for hosting this link up!

  2014- My year in racing

Here is my run down of racing this year!

  • Most Scenic Course: Dallas Marathon, this course went all over Dallas. There was always something to see. Lots of pretty houses, Greenville Avenue, White Rock Lake, Highland Park Fire Station had a flag flying over the street, it was amazing to see! I’ll get the re-cap up soon.
  • Best Expo: Dallas Marathon. Lots of exhibitors, lots of freebies plus I found a great pair of Sunglasses and snagged a FlipBelt.

Dallas expo

  • Best Post-Race Food & Beverages: Cowtown. They had the usual but also had soup and ice cream.
  • Best Swag: Cowtown. I got 3 shirts and 2 medals for 2 days of running.
  • Most Unique Medal: Cowtown. It’s a 3 year series, all buckles.
  • Favorite Race Shirt: DRC Half (Dallas Running Club). It’s long sleeve, tech and bright pink.
  • Favorite Overall Race: I guess DRC Half. As far as races go, they were all well run, good courses, but DRC now holds my PR. It was during a rough time and I needed that race and needed to know that I could do it.
  • Best Course Support (aid stations, volunteers, people cheering you on, etc): Dallas Marathon
  • Race You Are Most Proud of Yourself for Completing: Patriot Half, I fought real hard to just finish this one. Set out to make this my first 1:50 half but it became about finishing on my feet. That was a rough day. You can find the recap here.
I had a lot of races this year, lots of goals. Some of them a little lofty (ie. marathon goal). It’s ok to have lofty goals, but I also needed a realistic goal. I accomplished a lot this year, had some set backs, but am pushing through.

New Orleans Rock N Roll is January 26, 2015. It will be my first race of 2015. Other than that I don’t have much I’m registered for. I need to make some decisions about what to run next year.

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You can link up your racing recap for the year until Sunday!


Happy running!

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Wednesday Wonderfulz #4, Race edition

You know that saying “a day late and a dollar short”? Well I am almost a day late and a post short.

This month has flown by and I’ve been busy and distracted and unfortunately the blog is suffering. But  I’ve been thinking about this theme for a while and am excited to share my favorite races with you.

And don’t forget to check out Lynda’s post at Fitnessmomwinecountry. 

Wednesday Wonderfulz final 2

I’m coming up on the 3rd annual Patriot Half Marathon, this half was my first. It will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first half and last year it was my first sub 2 hour half. I have a PR in mind for this year as well. It’s in the town where I live, our Running Club hosts it. We have home field advantage of being able to train the course. It’s so great to run a race surrounded by so many people you run with every week.  You can find my review of last year’s race here.  If you are in the Dallas area come join us! You can find info on the 5k, half relay and half marathon here. 

2012 Patriot Half Marathon

2012 Patriot Half Marathon

Next up is the Healdsburg Half Marathon. This was my first destination race and first costume race. I made a Minnie Mouse costume to wear. It was my second half marathon. John and I had a great trip to San Francisco and the wine country for this race. I love that area and can’t wait to go back. This race is pretty popular and usually sells out early. I ran this race in October 2012. It’s a point to point race and at the end there’s a costume contest, bands, wine tasting and food! You can find the info on this race here and my re-cap here.

Healdsburg Half Marathon 2012

Healdsburg Half Marathon 2012

Several others top my list of favorites, most of them are half marathons. The Cowtown Half and 5k/10k will always be on my list of races to run. Zooma Texas Half, also has a 10k. It’s a tough course but such a fun race and fun weekend.  You can find more race reviews on my blog on the Races & Discounts page.

I love to race. It brings out that competitiveness I didn’t remember I had.

Do you have a favorite race? Link it up below, it’s open til Sunday night. Please be sure and follow your hostesses and use the Wednesday Wonderfulz button.

You can find us all over the web!




Happy running!
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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Cowtown race weekend, part 1 {2014}

I don’t even know where to start. The last few days have been a roller coaster. Who am I kidding, the last few months have been. This has been a 7.5 month journey, thanks to “Icemageddon” 2013 and the Dallas marathon being cancelled.

We headed to Ft. Worth Friday night, it just makes the weekend easier to not make that drive in Saturday morning. We ate at one of our very favorite mexican food restaurants, Joe T. Garcia’s. We can’t go to Ft. Worth without eating here.

Saturday morning started with me and Ally running 5k races. I was there to cheer on several friends running a 10k, some running their first ever 10k race! My 5k was just a warm-up for Sunday. My original training plan called for 2 miles that morning, so I took it a little easy (that’s hard to do).  Ally started out really good, then side cramps got her. I plan on working with her on breathing, fluid intake and pre-race nutrition over the next few months. She thought it would be a good idea to eat some yogurt at the expo before her race….YUCK! I can’t even imagine. So proud of her for sticking with it though.

2014-02-22 06.41.50

There she goes!

2014-02-25 17.12.31

My bff Alisha and I before her 10k.

2014-02-24 15.40.54

Gym and running buddy Jill before her 10k. She was a super star cheerleader on the course Sunday morning.

2014-02-24 15.43.01

After those races were done, we found a late breakfast and then went to the hotel to shower and change. I met up with a few more friends to head back to the expo. Cowtown has a good expo, lots of vendors and you can get a free health screening from the UNT Health Center. I wish I had made time to get my BMI checked out.

We shopped and listened to an overview of the half and full course. I got a new running jacket to replace one I had to send back. The zipper wouldn’t zip. Got John a 0.0 magnet for his truck, he’s pretty excited, and Ally got a new pair of Nike’s. Luke’s had their shoes on clearance plus 20% off everything in the booth.

2014-02-24 15.46.31

Ally in true form being silly at the expo.

Ally expo cowtown

I got in a very short nap before heading to dinner. I picked a restaurant that unfortunately was decent, at best. The entertainment made it all worth it. Apparently it was karaoke night there and a few of the husbands got serenaded during dinner. It was pretty funny!

Cowtown dinner

We didn’t stay out too late, most everyone was getting up to run the next morning. We had a few friends there for course support Sunday and I have a feeling they stayed out a little late that night. I was in bed at 8:45 as I was fighting a major headache and still had to pack up and be ready to check out Sunday before the race.

Our first day at Cowtown was busy, but we had fun!

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Cowtown, abs + giveaway

Today is the official start of Cowtown race weekend for me! Ally and I each have a 5k in the morning, but mine will not be run for time. This week has been busy which is good, it has kept my mind off the fact that I can’t run.

Cowtown logo

I’ve been busy making a list and pulling some stuff together to get packed. I’m really, really OCD and will probably be over packed, but I want to have something extra in case the weather changes. Still undecided about shorts vs. capris. The weather at the start for Saturday shows 54 degrees and Sunday shows 43. Those are perfect temps. I’m planning to wear my new Race Ragz shirt on Saturday, can’t wait to give it a test run.

Logo shirt

The Cowtown always has a great expo. Can’t wait to get there!

Abs, abs and more abs. Today is the Up & Down Plank.  Are you getting it done?

Fab Abs February

Thanks to Active Accessories we have another set of the bracelet Hair bands to give away this week. The giveaway is for 1 set of the hair bands, winner’s choice.

Active Accessories hair bands

It runs from 8AM CST February 21, 2014 until 8PM CST February 26, 2014. You must be a US resident to win. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Use the rafflecopter below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

active accessories logo


Did you work out today?

Get a few miles in for me today!

Anyone else racing this weekend?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Marathon training: 19 weeks and counting

I can’t believe that. Week 19 is finished. I really wasn’t sure if it’s week 1 or 19…I went with 19. Didn’t have to completely start over but it feels like it. I was mentally done. I have to get myself excited and motivated again. I really enjoyed training, but I was needing that break. But, God had different plans for me. So, here I am. Part of me is holding back the excitement a little.

week 19

I am excited to say that with this new plan I gained two new training partners. I run with these girls every week and they decided to train for Cowtown. It’s a great race weekend and I’m looking forward to it. If you are in the DFW area and want to run Cowtown, I have a discount of $5 off any marathon distance (half, full, ultra) Just use the code CT14HMWR at check-out.

Cowtown logo

I also made the decision to run 3 days instead of 4 through the duration of this training. I made it through the first 18 weeks injury free and now I’m worried I won’t make it another 11 weeks. So, my schedule is a little different, it’s less miles, but I’m ok with it. I’m excited for an extra day in the gym instead.

Training this week:

Sunday: Rest day (let’s just say I was still in mourning)

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Run 4 miles, 9:54 pace

Wednesday: Run 6.3 miles, 9:30 pace

Thursday: Gym day

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Run 11 miles, 9:13 pace

11 miles 12-14

Today was the warmest morning we’ve had in over a week, it was 46 degrees but the wind picked up at the end and made it feel a lot colder. This week looks decent but apparently our long term forecast isn’t great.

I was really cold on the runs with temps in the 20’s, so I ordered a new pair of running tights from Reebok. They are a base layer to wear under other pants or on their own. I’m hoping they will keep me warmer. My legs are ice cold and just can’t seem to warm up.

We have a busy weekend with 3 Christmas parties. I have only 4 more days of work left this year and I am stoked!

How’s the weather where you are?

What do you run in when temps are in the 20’s?

Any fun Christmas parties this weekend?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Dallas Marathon cancelled

Yep, it’s cancelled. We are covered in ice here in the DFW area. Lots of safety concerns. I’m bummed, really bummed. But, I understand the reasoning. Doesn’t make it any easier to accept 4.5 months of training though.

I’m already signed up for the Cowtown Full, just changed from the half today. So, now the plan is to re-train/stay trained for Cowtown. Problem is I’ll need another pair of shoes before then! (YIKES) The countdown is on to February 23, 2014!

I have some awesome friends, they’ve all been checking on me today and one couple even came by and picked me and Ally up for lunch!

So, this is what it looks like around my house today. Kids and dogs bundled up to play outside.

ice storm

And I apparently got ahead of myself last week. I wrote the weekly recap and said 19 weeks done, the week before was 16. Oops! So, last week was 17 and this week was 18.

Training this week:

Sunday: Gym day, treadmill, weights, abs

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 3 miles, 9:13 pace

Wednesday: 2 miles, on the treadmill 9:29 pace, plus abs and stretching

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: hoping to go to the gym, just depends on the roads here.

I’d love to get a few miles in Sunday once the sun comes out and melts some of this stuff!

The plan is to re-evaluate and figure out where I need to start from here to get ready for Cowtown. I was really hoping for a few weeks of gym time so we shall see.

Cowtown logo

Don’t forget about the Amazon gift card giveaway! It ends December 15.

amazon gc

Are you getting snow or ice?

Ever have a race cancel? How did you cope?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Race weekend! {Cowtown race review}

Wow! What a busy weekend. I’ve never had two races in one weekend, but the first go wasn’t too bad.

The race was about an hour or so from where we live so we got a hotel for the weekend and it was so much easier than driving back and forth two days in a row. Friday night we ate at one of our favorite places in Ft. Worth, Joe T Garcia’s. They basically serve two dishes, no menus, cash only. And it is some serious good food!

Packet pick-up was easy. Both of my packets were together and there weren’t any lines on Friday night. I got 2 t-shirts and 1 technical shirt that evening. Then after completing my half I got another finishers tech shirt in hot pink!

Saturday morning was the kids 5k, it started at 9:30 and followed the 10k and adults 5k. Ally and I ran it together, crossing the finish line in 29:58.It was a perfect pace for me, a nice warm-up for the half. There were a TON of kids and it was great to see them out running but I had to be careful not to get tripped. After we finished it was time to eat!

Race outfit and bib.


Me and my girl waiting for the race to start.


I managed to get a nap in and rest most of the afternoon. We had dinner and dessert with friends that were all running the Cowtown on Sunday, some were running half, full and ultra distance. What’s better than pasta and gelato?


Sunday morning started at 4:45AM. I did however wake up every hour after 1:00AM.


Made my bagel, peanut butter and banana and headed out. This race is in Downtown and they have the convention center open so we can all stay warm inside before the race. We stretched, took pre-race pictures and waited.

Race outfit and all the essentials!


Pre-race silliness!



I met up with Sarah from A Runner’s Heart, she is also the Moms Run This Town chapter leader in Ft. Worth.



We were in Corral 3 and started about 7:10, the race stayed pretty crowded the whole way. The 2 halfs I’ve run before have thinned out but not this one. All three (half, full and ultra) distances stayed together until about mile 10 if I remember right.


I can’t say enough about the crowd control, spectators, traffic, the route, everything was great! All the churches we passed had people out, some played music, there were bands at some of the businesses and all the officers directing traffic did a great job. I think this race will stay on my list! There were a lot of hills and one scary one but we did it, we train hills for a reason!


Official time 2:13:15, that’s 10:10 per mile.

10k split 1:05:16, 10:30 per mile.

11 mile split 1:53:48, 10:21 per mile.


Let’s see…detox from all the food I ate this weekend starts now!

#30DayHomies Day 25 ~ Running

It’s Friday and we have less than a week left in the month! It’s going by quick.

I am supposed to be in the midst of training for the Cowtown Half on February 24. But my foot has been hurt for a few weeks. I’m good to go now, so hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have completed 11 miles! No matter how many miles I get in tomorrow, it will be better than nothing!

If you aren’t a runner yet or maybe a new runner, I encourage you to get out there and try it. You might find you love it.  It’s not expensive to do (well except for the races!) All you need is some time and a good pair of shoes! Right now I am loving both of the shoes I’m trying out. I will run in the Asics Cumulus in the morning.

Here’s a good Couch to 5k app to get you going!

You’ve heard people say “runner’s high” and I never got it, until I started running. Not just that but my overall stress level, my health, my sanity…all reasons I run! I’ve noticed the last few weeks of not running more than 2-3 miles at a time that I’ve missed it, the long distance running. I think that’s where my happy place is!


If you run, tell me why! If you don’t are you thinking about trying it out? If you just started, how are you doing?

Don’t forget the Nuun giveaway ends tonight at 11:59PM CST. The Muddy Buddy race entry was messed up (my fault) It’s open to ANY of their races and not just limited to May 11 like the Rafflecopter entry said. We extended that deadline to Monday at 11:59PM CST.

#30DayHomies Day 24

It’s day 24 and we have a winner of the ProCompression socks ~ Sarah Wells! You should have an email from me.

Yesterday was What I Ate (and did) Wednesday. Didn’t do it last week, had too much going on. For breakfast I had a protein shake, added immune boost, apparently I need it. What to know what I did? I worked and I coughed all day long. I have never been this sick that I can recall and I’m ready for the germs to be gone!

I had a homemade caesar salad for lunch with grilled chicken.


Has anyone tried these BelVita breakfast biscuits? They aren’t biscuits so that’s kinda misleading, but they are pretty good. I bought them at Costco Saturday after sampling them. They made a pretty good morning snack today. Loaded with good for you stuff!


And since I worked late, and it was basically leftovers for dinner I had chicken and rice. I probably did not eat enough calories today but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I also went to the doctor for my follow up about my foot, and I got released to run! So, now I just have to kick this cough again and I’ll be good to go! Cowtown is in exactly 30 days!!

Don’t forget the giveaways this week end tomorrow at 11:59PM CST. We have Nuun Hydration tablets and an entry into a Muddy Buddy race!

What’s on your agenda for today?