Wednesday Wonderfulz #3, the running edition

This week’s Wednesday Wonderfulz has a theme: Running Gear. Fitnessmomwinecountry and I are sharing our favorites!

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  Wednesday Wonderfulz final 2

These are a few of my favorites, but the only thing you really have to have are running shoes!

First off: shirts and shorts. I recommend sweat wicking. I got this Nike top at TJ Maxx for a great price. I prefer compression shorts over wind type shorts. The compression shorts keep my legs from rubbing together. Some brands even have zipper pockets in them. My favorite right now are the Under Armour ones, I get them from Sports Authority. I also have a pair from JC Penney in their Xersion brand.

shirt and shorts

Next up is shoes and socks. Everyone has their favorite shoe and you should get fitted for the shoe that’s right for you. I personally wear Asics and have been for about 1.5 years. My current favorite socks are the Feetures brand.

socks and shoes

Headbands. Some people wear hats, I mostly prefer a headband. Bondi Band is my favorite year round. In the winter it can cover my ears to help keep them warm. But in the summer when I don’t need that I like the thin head bands, there are several companies that make them.


Sports bras: My current favorite is one from Champion at Target. Next favorite is Handful, and actually I’ve been wearing that more as a “weekend” bra instead of for running. They are so comfortable. That’s something you really can’t skimp on either. 🙂

sports bras

There are a few other accessories I use. Since I run in the dark unless I’m racing I carry a Knuckle Light, I highly recommend it. I also use a Nathan hand held water bottle a lot these days and a SpiBelt to put my phone, ID and car key in. As long as I have it tight enough it doesn’t bounce. I wear it a lot and sometimes it gets loose.

So, those are my favorites these days. There are lots of extras like GPS watches, iPods, headphones, but none of those are really necessary in order to run.

What are your favorite running items?

One thing you can’t live without?

Did you workout today?

You can link up your Wednesday Wonderfulz posts until Sunday evening, May 11! Don’t forget to head over and check out Lynda’s favorites at Fitnessmomwinecountry.


Have a great day!

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Week in pictures & Training update!

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Well, August is certainly here. It started getting extra warm this week.  I know I live in Texas, it’s hot here. It’s even hot at 5AM.

I decided this week was rest week. It’s my last week before marathon training begins and I took advantage of it. I still ran and got some workouts in, but took a few extra days off. Most importantly, I took today off. It’s weird. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get up early to run on Saturday, unless it was a race weekend.

Marathon training will consist of one extra day of running for me and 1-2 days of cross training. Rest day always on Friday.

Training this week:

Sunday: Swim

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Run 5 miles, 9:55 pace

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 4.78 miles, 10:00 pace

Friday: Gym day, weights and cardio

Saturday: Rest Day! My last Saturday to rest until after December 8!

I ordered a 2nd pair of my favorite Asics, the Gel Cumulus, to start breaking in. My current pair has about 115 miles on them, but they won’t last til December. The first pair has close to 400. They are my back-up to my back-up pair now.

I love the purple!


4.78 miles on Tuesday. Yes that’s 80 degrees at 5:59AM!


Gym on Friday for cardio and weights. Broke in my new Girls Gone Sporty tank. I love it!


And this week my Moms Runs this Town chapter posted all our before & after pictures and I loved seeing them all! It’s so motivating to know everyone is on the same journey, even if at a different stage. I needed a reminder this week of my goals. I have lost sight of them.

Here’s mine.


Today is girls day with Ally, my best friend and her daughter. Going to do a little shopping, a little make-up buying and dinner. The girls are going into 6th grade (yikes) and I guess it’s time for make-up!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Anyone racing?

How old were you when you started wearing make-up? What about your daughter?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Killer workouts!

I’ve been struggling with my Asics hurting the top of my right foot. I’ve put bandaids and mole skin on when I run but it still feels bruised after. So, before I get drastic and take yet another pair of shoes back I researched ways to lace your running shoes. I found exactly what I was looking for here. You can see in the picture my right shoe is laced differently. There are several things you can correct with lacing your shoes differently~ black toenails, shoes being too tight, the pain on top of your foot (hot spots) and heel sliding are just a few.

I tried it out for 2 miles on the treadmill Sunday and no pain. I gave it another try this morning on the treadmill and it’s still feeling good! Hopefully I am good to go!


I’m not a fan of treadmill runs but I have to do them sometimes. This morning it was raining pretty good, 46 degrees and 10 mph wind…I wasn’t feeling it! So, I hit the gym for 2 miles on the treadmill and weights, ab work and planks. I got my Russian twists in for the Too Hot to Handle challenge, I did some tortuous leg thing where I pushed a mat across the gym floor! My legs will be screaming tomorrow!

photo (3)

I did these planks on a Bosu ball, thanks to my friend Jill who showed me how to use it! I’m trying not to be gym equipment challenged anymore! We flipped it over where the “ball” was on the ground and held on for dear life to the base of the bosu ball. I could feel those planks high in my abs where I don’t usually feel them.

photo (2)

It’s 11 days until the Cowtown 5k and 12 days until the Cowtown Half marathon! I’m excited about the Cowtown challenge (running 2 races in a weekend).

Don’t forget we have the Scentsy giveaway going on here.

What was your workout today? Anyone training for any races coming up? What killer workouts are you doing?

#30DayHomies Day 25 ~ Running

It’s Friday and we have less than a week left in the month! It’s going by quick.

I am supposed to be in the midst of training for the Cowtown Half on February 24. But my foot has been hurt for a few weeks. I’m good to go now, so hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have completed 11 miles! No matter how many miles I get in tomorrow, it will be better than nothing!

If you aren’t a runner yet or maybe a new runner, I encourage you to get out there and try it. You might find you love it.  It’s not expensive to do (well except for the races!) All you need is some time and a good pair of shoes! Right now I am loving both of the shoes I’m trying out. I will run in the Asics Cumulus in the morning.

Here’s a good Couch to 5k app to get you going!

You’ve heard people say “runner’s high” and I never got it, until I started running. Not just that but my overall stress level, my health, my sanity…all reasons I run! I’ve noticed the last few weeks of not running more than 2-3 miles at a time that I’ve missed it, the long distance running. I think that’s where my happy place is!


If you run, tell me why! If you don’t are you thinking about trying it out? If you just started, how are you doing?

Don’t forget the Nuun giveaway ends tonight at 11:59PM CST. The Muddy Buddy race entry was messed up (my fault) It’s open to ANY of their races and not just limited to May 11 like the Rafflecopter entry said. We extended that deadline to Monday at 11:59PM CST.

#30DayHomies Day 13

I know I usually have these posts out in the morning but it just didn’t happend today. I had a busy weekend. Got another pair of shoes to try, I’m going to take my time and if I have to try 10 pair of shoes I will. These are Asics, hopefully one day this week I’ll be able to try out both pair of shoes.

In the spirit of #30DayHomies and trying new things I got on the Stair Master at the gym today. I really hate that thing, or used to anyway. I’m still deciding. I tried it only once before and gave up after 5 minutes, today I made it 25! My heart was pounding and I was dying, but I did it!


I made poor choices at breakfast today. Lunch was a little better, but I think I redeemed myself at dinner. Threw together chicken salad with apples and purple onion; had some blueberries, Laughing Cow cheese and Ritz chips.


New giveaways will be announced in the morning! Have a great week everyone!

Anyone love/hate the Stair Master?