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This is my world – faith, family, fitness, food (and travel)!

My name is Sarah, I’m the author of How My World Runs. My husband and I have one daughter. I started this blog for myself, a place to write how I lost weight and started running, and it expanded into so much more! I am a travel agent by day, I lift weights and sort of run. Recently, I started writing about our travel. I thought why not write about something I love to do and I get to plan awesome trips for clients!

We have 2 dogs, you’ll see snippets of them here from time to time. Our daughter, Ally, runs with her high school cross country and track team. We are involved in our town and church. We are followers of Jesus. I believe that fitness is a part of faith, that God intended for me to be healthy and to be an example to those around me.

I have crazy, naturally curly hair.  I use a lot of different products, but my favorite is Deva Curl. (affiliate link) 

I straightened my hair for years and years, finally started embracing the curls and working on keeping my hair healthy as well as my body.

I started running in September 2011 after walking off 30 pounds. I ran off the last 10 or so. I never thought at my age that I’d have something to be this proud of. Fast forward to 2016, my husband and I started eating Keto. We were both working out 5-6 days a week but were gaining weight. After his research and my doctor saying maybe it’s the carbs, I (we) gave it a shot!  Here’s a post about that.

Here are two of my posts about how I started this journey.

I can’t believe I’m posting this picture, but here I am October 2010, 40 plus pounds over weight. Sadly this picture wasn’t enough to get me active until June 2011.

Here I am November 2011, down 3 sizes and probably 30 pounds.

And March 2012, down 42 pounds!

Current, April 2018

Join me on my journey. I hope to encourage you and learn something along the way!

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5 Responses to Meet the Girl Behind the Blog

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  2. Patricia Araujo says:

    You look stunning!

  3. Joy Hale says:

    what a transformation…bravo! Your blog looks great:)

  4. howmyworldruns says:

    Thanks Joy!

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