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My name is Sarah, I’m the author of How My World Runs. My husband and I have one daughter. I started this blog for myself, a place to write how I lost weight and started running, and it expanded into so much more! I am a travel agent by day, I lift weights and sort of run. Recently, I started writing about our travel. I thought why not write about something I love to do and I get to plan awesome trips for clients!

We have 2 dogs, you’ll see snippets of them on the blog from time to time. Our daughter, Ally, is in college. We are starting a new chapter.

The blog has a new travel page with vacation updates. Check that out.

I have crazy, naturally curly hair.  I use a lot of different products, but my favorite is Deva Curl (affiliate link) and Mop Top (affiliate links) 

I straightened my hair for years and years, finally started embracing the curls and working on keeping my hair healthy as well as my body.

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