Marathon playlist

With the Dallas Marathon 10 days away, it’s time to update the playlist and get my iPod ready to go!

Marathon playlist

I have lots of different music and this is just a sampling of some of my current favorites. Some are new and some are just “new to me”.  I don’t normally listen to music when I run, unless I’m alone. But I always have it when I race, since I usually don’t have a race partner. Mostly with just one ear bud in. But I have a feeling about mile 22 I’ll have both in, blasted as loud as I can stand it.


Do you have any suggestions?

What’s in your playlist?

Do you even listen to music when you race?

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7 Responses to Marathon playlist

  1. fitnessmomwinecountry says:

    Sarah, good luck on the race. Thanks for the music update. I am working on getting my play list re-worked. I see some familiar songs on here. I must must run with music. I wish I could just enjoy the sound of my feet and the outdoors, but I need the music.

  2. This is going to sound really cheesy, but the ONE song that really made me push during the horrible MCM experience I just had was “America” by Neil Diamond….Humor me…put it on Itunes and give it a listen with your eyes closed….it was super motivating for me!

  3. Montana says:

    Wow, I definitely would need music if I was doing a marathon! I would need something to take my mind off of what I was actually doing. It depends what type of race I’m doing but I usually listen to music unless it’s a mud run. Good songs!! Best of luck on your race!

  4. Tynan says:

    I’m Running in the race too! Good luck! 😀

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