Marathon Monday: training update

I know you all haven’t heard much from me lately. My family has had some heartache these last 2 months and I just haven’t been blogging. I have been running, with the exception of one week off. I’m still training for my upcoming races, but I’m unsure about setting goals for them just yet. Part of me is just plain scared to.

Here’s what you may have missed:

It is just under 3 weeks until the Dallas Marathon, that’s #2 of 3 coming up quick!

marathon training

Training last week:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Track, 2 mile warm up, 6×400 (1:47-1:53) with 400 recovery,1 mile cool down

Wednesday: Gym day, light weights, elliptical, stretching and sauna

Thursday: 8 miles, 8:53 pace

Friday: 5 miles, 10:06 pace

Saturday: 20 miles, 9:38 pace

Sunday: Rest and recover!

Saturday’s 20 miler was tough. I started out feeling great and then about mile 17 I was done. My legs were so mad at me. I know marathon training is about training your legs to run when they are tired, but I think the 3 days in a row caught up to me. By Saturday night everything hurt, but miraculously Sunday I was pretty much back to normal.

I’ve been using Nuun Hydration before and during my run and also started using Advocare Rehydrate Gels. I do not like the consistency or taste of Gu or the other products out there. I’m really liking the Advocare version, it’s just the packaging is a little big.

20 miles is no easy feat. I enjoyed breakfast afterward with my training partner and friend. We might have had a mimosa as well.


For the life of me I cannot figure out why we didn’t remember to take a picture at the lake. It was so pretty that morning.

me and alisha after 20

It was Alish’a longest distance so naturally I had to try something new that day as well, guacamole. Yep, I’m the weird one that doesn’t eat avocados or guacamole. It wasn’t too bad, the salt covered chips probably helped too. I might be convinced to try it again.

We are finally settling into the new house, got a few more things done this weekend. There is still a lot to do and now it’s almost time to get the Christmas stuff out! I do not decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over, usually sometime that Friday after, then it gets put back up usually by New Year’s Eve.

Do you eat guacamole?

When do you decorate for Christmas?

Happy running!

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

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