Marathon Monday: training update + a PR

So, I decided to run a half marathon yesterday. I’ve never waited until the last minute to sign up for a race. I am a planner. But since I no showed Michelob, I really wanted a half this fall that I could PR. The Dallas Running club puts on a great race, the half starts and ends at White Rock Lake, it was a pretty course, but I’m not sure I recall the streets or much of what I saw. I was so focused on running, and putting one foot in front of the other.

Nuun hydration

I still do not know how to dress for fall or winter. I laid out my tank and arm sleeves with capris, then the morning of decided on short sleeve and arm sleeves. Big mistake. I should have worn shorts and tank top, no arm sleeves. It was cold at the start but by mile 3 I was ready to throw those arm sleeves in the lake. I just couldn’t get them off! I wore a fairly new pair of capris, I’ve run in them before but yesterday the seam and tag rubbed a raw spot on my thigh. And it hurts!

DRC flat mama

I started out with the 1:50 pace group. Earlier in the year my fall goal was 1:45 for a half, but after not hitting the 1:50 goal for Patriot in May I wasn’t sure that was possible. So, I figured I would start with them, get warmed up and then get ahead. By mile 3 I pulled away from the 1:50 group and was able to stay ahead. I gave myself mile 9 to regroup and take in some fuel before giving it all I had left the last 3 miles. I was in familiar territory at the lake at that point so I was ready. I held between 8:05 and 8:15 most of the race. So, by mile 10 I was ready to go sub 8 pace.

DRC me and Lisa

That last mile actually went pretty quick. I think it helped that I knew where the finish was, I knew it was almost over. I was visualizing that finish line, keeping myself pumped up. Ended up finishing in 1:47:48. Better than I had hoped but I still want a 1:45. I feel like on that course I could have done better.

DRC medal

Why not run a half marathon for full marathon training?

After the race John and I had brunch at a restaurant near the lake. I’ve eaten there several times, but yesterday the service and food were a little lacking. I was so hungry I kinda didn’t care much! Spark and a Mimosa….it makes things better.

DRC breakfast

It’s 6 weeks until the Dallas full marathon!

marathon training

Training last week:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Track workout, was supposed to be 12×400, but only got 4 done. The sky was lit up with lightning that morning so we cut it short. Got about 2.5 miles total.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Half marathon

We’ve had a lot of stuff happen in October personally that has left me tired and unable to add more workouts in. I really miss those days at the gym and will be working hard to get it added back. With only 6 weeks to the marathon I need to get back on track. Sometimes you really have no choice when life happens.

Did you race this weekend?

What are you training for?

Happy running!

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