Marathon Monday: training update

This is the 2nd Monday in a row we’ve woken up to storms. Lots of wind and heavy rain. We need the rain here badly, our lakes are drying up. It’s not a good sight.

When we moved someone told me it would take a year to get the everything settled, I didn’t believe them at first. Right now it feels like it will take longer. I’m slowly getting projects done. I painted some of the pieces of my bedroom set. It was sticky for about a week so I added a coat of Minwax clear coat and it seemed worse. But 24 hours later it was good. Apparently I didn’t know that here in Texas when it’s humid (300 days of the year) paint takes days and days to dry.

I am ready for the cooler weather though, I love to make stews and soups when it’s cold. I may even play around with some of my favorite recipes and see if I can make them a little less calorie-rich. Remember the pumpkin protein muffins I found last year? They are delicious and I’m ready to try those again.  The recipe is Jennifer’s at The Fit Fork

marathon training

9 weeks until the Dallas Marathon!

Sunday: 17 miles, average pace 9:34. Normally I run long runs on Saturday, but had to switch last weekend.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 7 miles total, track workout, 12×400 with 400 recovery, average pace 9:01

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 5 miles, 8:46 pace

Friday: 2.65 miles, with a few hills, average pace 8:54

Saturday: 14.75 miles, average pace 9:45

It was a high mileage week with long runs Sunday and Saturday. The week before looked like a low mileage week. My first 20 miler since February is coming next weekend. I’ve run several more 15 milers this round, I’m hoping that will make me feel more prepared for the 2 full marathons this winter.

Did you run long this weekend?

Anyone race?

Happy running,

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

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