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I know it has been forever since I wrote a blog post. I’m embarrassed to even go check the date. Life is crazy. To say I took a summer hiatus is an understatement.

We decided at the end of May to put our house on the market and move! So, that has consumed my whole life. I have been running some. But for a few weeks it was slim to zero miles for me. I just keep telling myself to make it through these next few weeks and things will settle down. The market is crazy here in Texas, in case you have been thinking about selling. Now is the time!

I never realized just how much stuff we have accumulated in 18 years. That stuff had to get packed up and put into storage. That is not fun!

We also celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this month. 18th year anniversary present is new house, right?

I don’t have any races until Fall, I’ve just been trying to increase miles, going to track workouts and incorporating some more speed work. I know, summer in Texas is not the ideal time to do that. But, when those cooler temps get here it’ll be like I’m flying!

10 miles 6-28

We are staying with family until we find a place to live. We are constantly looking for new houses to get listed.

house picture

I picked up a new book this week too. Have you read this one?

fault in our stars

I also decided to become an Advocare distributor. I have been buying some of the products for a few months and really like them. Don’t worry, I will not be bombarding you with sales pitches, but you know where to find me if you want to order anything!


It won’t be forever again before you hear from me!

Happy running!

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

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