Faith, Family, Fitness: slowing down

Welcome to another installment in the Faith, Family, Fitness series. Today’s topic is: slowing down.

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I broke my 13 year no-speeding-ticket streak last weekend. I am not proud. I think God is trying to teach me something and I’m afraid it’s patience.

I went to the court house and paid my fine, chose deferred adjudication. I have 90 days probation and as long as I don’t get a ticket (anywhere) it’s off my record. If I do get a ticket, I could get my license suspended.

I am taking this very seriously.

I have noticed over the last few days of paying attention to my speed, just how fast I drive. I am always in a hurry in my car. I do not stay behind someone who is driving the speed limit and definitely not if they are under speed limit. In fact, I’ve been known to yell. Obviously not setting a good example for my daughter. Since she’s 12 and will be learning to drive in less than 3 years (YIKES) I guess I better get that under control.

I need to slow down my life. Not just driving, it seems I’m in a hurry all the time. Not wishing away the days but just always moving. I honestly don’t like it. I am one of those people that prefers a clear calendar, I like to be home in the evening. In the winter I come straight home from work and put on my pajamas.

And if I’m constantly in a hurry how can I hear God’s voice?

Be still verse

Be still.

Be still and know that I am God.

Just thinking on those words calms me.  I will be concentrating on slowing down, both literally and figuratively. Even if things are crazy around me, I need to remember to take a few minutes to be still every day.

Do you need to slow down?

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