10 tips for gym etiquette

I love going to the gym. I have really started to embrace weight lifting. I’m still a light weight, but I’m getting there. There are some people with annoying and yucky habits at the gym. I’m going to share a few, hopefully you aren’t doing these.

gym etiquette

Rack your weights when you are done. We can’t all bench press 400 pounds. There have been times I skip the bench press or other machine because I can’t get the weights off. I did finally get an employee to help me last week.

Wipe down your machines. I carry a small towel. No one wants to sit in your pile of sweat. Yuck.

Don’t hog a machine.  If someone is waiting to use it, move along and please don’t sit there having a conversation with your friend.

Put up your stuff.  Your mat, free weights, medicine ball, yoga ball, anything you got out put it back.

Put your gym bag in a locker. My gym actually has posted rules about not carrying your bag around on the gym floor. It’s already cramped enough without having to maneuver around gym bags.

Don’t play your music on speaker phone. That is all.

Watch your mouth. I cringe when I’m working out with Ally and someone drops an “f” bomb in the gym. And loudly at that.

Clothing. I prefer not to see your butt cheeks or anything else for that matter. Wear some bike shorts under those shorty shorts if you must wear them.

Don’t bring your kids (of the opposite gender) to the locker room. I have been in there several times with women displaying full frontal nudity. There’s almost always someone with their son in the women’s locker room. Those 2 things do not mesh well. Your son should not be exposed to other naked women at the gym. Ally always gets all fidgety and then says later “that was akward”. She cracks me up.

Don’t come to the gym sick. You can take out a whole town full of people bringing your germs to the gym. Missing a day or 2 is okay, stay away until you aren’t contagious.

Do you work out at a gym?

What offenses do you see people committing?

Any tips you would add to my list?

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8 Responses to 10 tips for gym etiquette

  1. Tamara Grand says:

    Love it! I work in a gym and see all of these breaches of etiquette daily! I’d also like to add, leave your cell phone calls until later. Nobody wants to hear about your personal crap. 😉

  2. Shannon says:

    All GREAT tips and many of my pet peeves! Big reasons I cxld my membership last year.

  3. Great tips! (Especially your comment about the phones in the sauna. So rude!)

  4. YES love all of these especially hogging the machines! So frustrating!

  5. Great tips! I also don’t like hearing people talk on their phones while on ellipticals etc so rude! When I was teaching spin I actually had people answer phone calls in class!!

    • howmyworldruns says:

      Oh wow, that’s crazy and so rude! It’s like having a client at my desk and they are talking on their phone.

  6. All points are sooo right!! I work out in a gym and I HATE when guys grunt and then drop their weights…like that makes them look cooler? Ummm, no, you look like an idiot trying to impress someone 🙂

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