Weekly recap

It’s a good thing I started this post yesterday or it most likely wouldn’t get done. As you get this we are on our way to an all day softball extravaganza! Ally has 4 games today with the possibility of another 2-3 tomorrow depending on how they do today. She had 2 games this week, they lost one and won one. Thursday night they played really well, got some good hits and good plays. Ally did get hit in the belly with a pitch, thankfully she’s ok, but that is scary to see!

Here’s a shot from the game, right before she got hit. I love the picture.

Ally softball 5-1

We also got to watch baby goats being born. A friend of mine invited us over and that was definitely a first for us. They are so cute and wobbly when they try to stand for the first time. It was “animal planet live”.

This week I added mileage and a 4th day of running. I’m going to try keeping that up. I know one thing, I’m a lot hungrier with the extra mileage. I did hit 100 miles for April, haven’t done that since January during marathon training.

Weekly training recap2

Here’s what the week looked like:


Monday: 6 miles, 8:52 pace

Tuesday: Track, 10 x 200’s, with 2 mile warm up

Wednesday: Gym day, weights, abs and the sauna (of course)

Thursday: 8 miles, (2 mile warm up, 4 miles of fartleks, 2 mile cool down) 8:30 pace

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 11 miles, 8:57 pace

I ran today

Did you run or workout today?

Anyone racing this weekend?

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