Throwback Thursday post: Racecation tips

This is a perfect Throwback Thursday post since I’m leaving tomorrow to go to an out of town race.

6 tips for a less stressful racecation

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I haven’t even packed yet. We have had so much going on this week and I didn’t have my normal Wednesday off since I’m off tomorrow. I have a few things laid out and I have my list, or most of it. I will most likely take 2 sets of clothes for the race and decide Saturday morning what to wear. It’s supposed to be in the 60’s so I’m thinking shorts and tank top.

packing list

I think this will be the first half that I will not wear a fuel belt. I’m going to carry a hand held water bottle. I think. I can’t decide. I like the comfort of having water when I want it but that water belt adds weight. I’m ready to ditch it in races. I can still refill the hand held when needed.

I decided to race this one, not use it as a training run. I knew deep down it’s what I wanted. I think I’m too competitive to use a race as a training run anyway.

Anyone else racing this weekend?

Did you workout today?

Make today great!

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