Faith, Family, Fitness: Negative influences

Negative influences are all around us. It’s a struggle to keep from allowing it to influence us and harm us.

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We discussed this topic recently at church and it has been on my mind since. There are so many negative influences around us and they can affect our health, goals, family, kids and work. I work in a very small office, all of the ladies here are christian and we have been friends for a long time. I’ve been noticing recently one of them has started complaining a lot, I mean a lot. And I’ve noticed that I go home and complain to my husband about all the complaining I heard all day long.

“Do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character.”  1 Corinthians 15:33

That’s just one example. Negative people around us can hurt our goals. When I was losing weight I actually had people tell me they thought I had lost enough weight. I wanted to ask them where they were when I was overweight? They should have told me then I needed to lose weight.

Those people can discourage us from sticking to our goals. They can make us think it’s not worth the effort. Guess what. That’s the devil working against us. He doesn’t want us to succeed. He doesn’t want us healthy and joyful and thanking God. He wants us focused on all the negativity around us.

Our kids are bombarded with negative influences. I had to delete a few accounts that my 12 year old follows on Instagram because of that. One of the girls in her class posted something with profanity on it. I can’t help it if she hears it sometimes, but I can certainly help prevent her from reading it on her friends social media.

These influences can take our minds and focus off Christ.

“Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2

Entertainment and social media can definitely have a negative influence on us. I love music, all kinds. And at times some of my choices probably aren’t the best. It’s easy for me to put that one on the back burner and down-play it’s influence on me. When in reality it should be the first one to go.

We should surround ourselves with positive people. Friends that have the same beliefs, that raise their kids the same way, that encourage us and are helpful. It’s gotten easier as I get older to decide I don’t need negative people in my life. I’ve replaced them with people that believe and think the same way I do. They encourage me and have the same goals in life.

How I (try to) combat negative influences:

  • Pray
  • Surround myself with Christian, like-minded people
  • Remove myself from the situation, whenever possible

What negative influences are you faced with?

How do you combat negative influences in your life? In your kids lives?

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