Goals Check {link up}

It’s past time for a goals update! Time to get focused.

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I have lots of goals for the year. Both personal and fitness related. I will break them down weekly and share a few for the year. I have to keep these goals in front of me each week to stay on track.


  • Water: drink it.
  • Food: gotta track it in MFP. Every single day. I’ve been gaining weight these last few weeks. I haven’t been completely out of control with food but it hasn’t been perfect. I’m working on getting back on track. Seems like this is a never ending battle.
  • Training: it seems to be good. I’m getting in my workouts, changed things up, adding a spin class when I can, I’m going to the track and running.
  • Weights: keep lifting. Start working on lifting heavier.

For the year:

  • Half goal of 1:45. Most likely in October at the Michelob Ultra 13.1 in Dallas
  • Full Marathon, Dallas, December 14. Haven’t decided on a goal time yet.
  • 5k time under 24 minutes, but deep down I want under 23 minutes.

These goals are going to take hard work and dedication. That includes my diet. I know that eating garbage will not get me my goals, I just have to keep reminding myself that.

Do you set goals? Share one with me that you are working on.

How do you track them?

Set your goals and link up here! 


Did you workout today?

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8 Responses to Goals Check {link up}

  1. My goal for my half marathon is to finish!:) Haha…I am new to running though, so I think that’s a pretty good one coming from someone who couldn’t run a mile like 6 months ago:)

  2. I have that half marathon goal time for the fall as well! I like the idea of keeping track of goals on a regularly basis. It’s something I need and want to do!

  3. Jill says:

    You’re so speedy! I’d eventually like to get my half time under 1:50 and my 5k time under 25 mins

  4. Shelley Oz says:

    I’ve been avoiding setting goals for a while now after getting burned out… This might be the kick in the pants I was looking for. THANK YOU!

  5. hannahviolin says:

    I don’t track my goals so consistently, but my current goal is to lose 20 more pounds (lost 8 so far in the last month). I think if I checked in on my goals more often I might not have gained so much weight to begin with!

  6. My big year long goal is to get healthy and run injury free so I am slowly trying to work to that.

  7. I’ve always set myself goals – specifically in the last 2 years health & fitness ones. But I’d never formalised them before. Then I went to a life coaching session and couldn’t believe how effective considering your goals and setting them out before you could be (I will add my link in on that topic). Well done on your goal times for 1/2 marathon and 5k – REALLY fast!

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