6 tips for a less stressful race-cation

A race-cation can be so much fun! It can also be stressful and that can put your race goals on the back burner. Hopefully these tips will help you stay focused on your race but enjoy your trip as well.

I’ve done one big, out of state race and several semi-local races that were far enough away that I’ve stayed in a hotel. I call those race-cations too. In fact, I’m getting ready for one this week.

6 racecation tips

Here are my tips, hopefully these will help you as well.

  1. Make a list. Of everything. And specific to your race gear, lay it out on the bed as if you were dressing to race. Or put everything on if you need to. Definitely don’t want to get out of town and realize you don’t have your fuel belt or GPS watch. Pack an extra set of running clothes for weather changes.
  2. If you are flying, put your running shoes in your carry on. You might think I’m crazy but what if the airline loses your checked luggage? I can just about replace everything else needed for a race, except my shoes.
  3. Allow a few extra days before and after the race if possible. You want to arrive early so you can rest and get your bearings. It’s a good idea to drive the course as well. Then allow a few extra days after to recover and enjoy the city you came to race in.
  4. If you can, take food with you. We are driving this weekend and have a kitchenette in our room. I will take bagels, peanut butter and bananas, as well as protein powder to make smoothies. I love to eat and try new restaurants when we travel, but the day before a race is not the time to try anything crazy.
  5. Take your pillow if you can. I always sleep better when I have my own pillow(s).
  6. Try to pick a race in a city you want to visit. This is a vacation, after all. If you are taking kids with you, scope out fun family things to do after your race is over.

When I went to California to run a half marathon, I even packed my stick roller. I took extra socks and shorts. You never know what might come up.

Have you ever done a race-cation? Where did you go?

What tips do you have?

Did you work out today?

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