January Jumpstart Day 29: Safety tips for runners + Road ID giveaway

It’s day 29…I really should stop this count down, it made January go by so fast!  My workout today hasn’t happened yet. It’s early release from school, so once Ally gets home we will head to the gym. Maybe sneak in a short run if it’s not terribly cold.

Let’s talk safety, I know we’ve done that before.  But, it’s such an important lesson and we need a reminder sometimes. These tips apply to runners and walkers.


  • If you can, run with a buddy.
  • Run against traffic. Never with cars at your back, especially important if you run in the street. Whether it’s daylight or not.
  • Wear bright clothes. Running in the dark in black/gray clothes will not help a car see you.
  • There are tons of blinkers, flash lights, bright clothes out there….find some!
  • Dog spray/mace. I actually carry mace (Personal Savers) as much for stray dogs as unwelcome attention from strangers. I’ve only had a few incidents where I was uncomfortable and of course one of those times I had no phone and no pepper spray! (rookie mistake)
  • Change your routes. When I started out I always ran the same route, I figured it’d be easy for the hubby to find me if I didn’t come back home. Unfortunately, other people start to notice that routine as well. I’m not a fan of posting your routes on Facebook or Twitter either. That’s asking for trouble.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry. You don’t want to give someone a reason to rob you.
  • If you are on a trail/sidewalk, stay to the right. This will keep you safe from getting run over by a biker! Or a runner trying to pass you.
  • Music: I don’t usually wear my headphones except on long runs or races and I only wear one ear bud. It’s best not to wear both ear buds with music up. You need to be able to hear what’s around you. ie dogs, people chasing you, cars.
  • Just pay attention to your surroundings. Always assume the driver doesn’t see you and be prepared to get out of the way!
  • Carry ID or get a Road ID. My whole family has a Road ID wristband.  Ally wore hers to camp, to visit family out of state, pretty much she wears it all the time now. I didn’t even have to prompt her to do that. (I got a smart girl!)

You can put anything you want on your Road ID. I have my name, my husbands name and phone number, my date of birth, and “no allergies” on mine. My husband’s medicine is listed on his. This is especially important if you have a life threatening situation and can’t tell someone if you are on medicine or have allergies. He wears his to the gym. I don’t normally but I should be. I wear it when running and for races.


To go along with the topic of safety, our giveaway today is from Road ID. They have tons of options and colors. You can put your Road ID on your wrist, ankle or shoe, with options for the type of bracelet. John and I have the sport band with velcro. Ally got the slim wrist band. The ID plates can be removed and used on different bands from the same line. She will need a bigger band at some point. Some bands even have reflective material.

They have several high visibility products I didn’t know they offered, like reflective shoe laces, wrist bands and belts.

Road ID Logo


There are several ways to earn entries in the rafflecopter below. The giveaway is for a $35 e-card good toward the purchase of Road ID wristbands.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway runs from 8AM CST January 29, 2014 until 8PM CST February 3, 2014. Winner will be contacted via email. No purchase necessary to enter. Must be a US resident to receive the prize. Void where prohibited by law.

Did you workout today?

What’s your best safety tip?

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22 Responses to January Jumpstart Day 29: Safety tips for runners + Road ID giveaway

  1. MaryBeth says:

    Great tips! I wish more people were aware of these–including people who ride bikes for transportation. Far too often, I see them riding when it’s dark with no reflective gear on their bikes or themselves (which I don’t actually SEE them until they are too close!). So dangerous!

  2. Ashley says:

    Great tips! My best advice is to always tell someone where you will be running and get to know the people in your neighborhood. I’ll be working out inside today since there is ICE everywhere.

  3. Laurel C says:

    I really need a RoadID, I run alongside the road quite a bit

  4. Rachel DeVaughn says:

    I have been wanting a road id!! great ideas! thanks!

  5. Tami Grandi says:

    I have not worked out at all yet- I am sick right now so not sure I will get one today BUT am hoping I can at least walk on the treadmill. My biggest tip is that I always let a friend know when I go running and where I am. Even though my app shows it I still let someone local know. I love my Road ID and wear it literally all the time. I would love to get one for a runner friend of mine and maybe even an update for mine

  6. lisa torgerson says:

    Love the Road ID and would love to get one for me and my family since they all could use it. Especially my son that likes to take runs alone on the weekend. Went to bed at 7:30pm last night, throat was scratchy, now pumping myself full of vitamins and willing myself NOT to be sick, since I have a 14 mile run set for Saturday. Today my plan was supposed to be to get up at 4:30am and go to the gym, but I slept through that. I may either walk at track practice tonight (yes we went on Monday and going tonight, even though it’s brutally cold up there – Jacob, my 13 year old really can’t stand to miss) OR convince my hubby to do practice so I can go to the gym and workout. I hate when I miss a day and who knows, working out may make me feel better. Have a great day everyone – hoping for the same 🙂

  7. Betsy says:

    No workout today – too many other appointments. I am going to try and hit my 10000 steps tho!

  8. David Burns says:

    I could use a RoadID

  9. Ben J says:

    I didn’t work out today; resting a sore left heel. My top safety tips are to run without headphones and pay attention to your surroundings.

  10. Rachel T. says:

    I’m doing a tempo workout on the treadmill later this afternoon. My best safety tip is to always remain aware of your surroundings.

  11. Eliza Klinger says:

    My legs felt like bricks today, but I managed to get in a run even though it wasn’t pretty and not the distance I wanted, but at least I ran and didn’t chicken out. My best safety tip is using Pepper spray. I feel safe holding it in my hand when I run, especially in the dark

  12. Tami says:

    Always be aware of your surroundings. Look up and around, not just at the ground. I’m getting ready to leave for a 5 mile run!

  13. Anel says:

    I have learned to run without music in order be more aware of my surroundings. It was so easy for me to just get lost in the music. I alos run with peppper spray. My husband always encourages me to change my routine; it’s nice he looks after me 🙂 I never really thought about how potentially dangerous it was to post your routines on twitter or IG. Thanks for that eye opener! I havn’t done anything today, besides a yoga practice. 🙂

  14. Jillian Le says:

    Yep! For 20 minutes! Gym day care was packed and I had to wait.

  15. I worked out today–went for a good 6 miles! Great tips here–I need to do a better job about changing my routes. I just try to be aware of my surroundings–that’s why I don’t listen to music. I know plenty of people who can’t imagine running without it, but I just feel safer being able to hear what’s going on around me!

  16. Alisha b says:

    Fail!!! Didn’t get it done!!!!
    Despite my best laid plans….
    I wear bright clothes and run in lighted areas if I am by myself.

  17. Katheryn says:

    I didn’t get a chance to workout today with homework and two college classes, but I sure will tomorrow!

  18. Crystal Duff says:

    I love @RoadId! Thank you for the giveaway. I have a RoadId, but I want to get them for my daughters. 🙂 I always wear my RoadId when I run and tell my husband where I am running.

  19. Holly says:

    Rest day 🙂 I stick to lit areas and don’t run with music.

  20. I always run with my MRTT group-safety in numbers!! And the best company ever

  21. I did my first body pump class today! Loved it! Best time is run with a buddy and if using headphones, only wear one and keep the one closest to the road out of your ear.

  22. Kristi L says:

    I didn’t run today but have a snowy race tomorrow. My safety tip would be to always be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes it’s safer to only have one of your ear buds in and the other ear open to listening for distractions.

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