January Jumpstart: Day 7

It’s day 7! It’s cold here and I’m a wimp. 18 degrees sent me indoors again. It was technically a gym day but if it had been warmer I would have run outside.


My workout today was at the gym. I did 3 miles of intervals on the treadmill, a few arm reps and the sauna! You can’t see it very well, but I have on a new headband from Sweaty Bands. Watch for a giveaway from them coming this month!

workout 1-7

I’m bringing back Plank-A-Day into my routine. It doesn’t take long but it does your body good! I found this list of 25 different planks to try. I’m going to incorporate some of these as well as the standard plank. I need to get that time back up. I was at 2 minutes last January and let is slip. I’m at about 45-60 seconds now.

25 Plank Variations

Don’t forget about the Active Accessories giveaway going on. We’d love for you to register for the challenge so we have your info if you win something. You can do that here. It’s not mandatory, it just makes contacting you easier. You can find all the posts on the January Jumpstart page on the blog.

How are the temps where you are?

Did you workout today?

Do you do plank a day?

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9 Responses to January Jumpstart: Day 7

  1. Lisa Torgerson says:

    January 7th: Today I ran 5 miles in this crazy cold with my husband. It was really good for me because he is much faster than me, so I went at a faster pace even though he slowed it down for me. I plan on doing my sqats tonight before bed.

  2. sonturtle says:

    I love planks, so I love these ideas. Especially the ones on the balls since I have one at home. I need to get more ideas for my poor dusty ball. Will definitely be doing these.

  3. Betsy says:

    Temps here have been in the 30’s for highs. Not too bad. 🙂 And no exercise today, yet. I am still struggling thorough some stuff. But I have been more focused on my diet.

  4. Sweaty bands are the best! My husband got me a fun pink sparkly one for my stocking, but a girl can never have to many. Love all these great giveaway items.

  5. I need to get back into the planking routine! They are such great exercises!

  6. Alisha b says:

    3 mile run.
    Need to get back to gym:(

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