January Jumpstart Day 6: goals & a giveaway

Happy Monday! It’s Day 6 of January Jumpstart! How was your weekend? Did you stay on track?

I did pretty good considering how my weekends have been going that last 8 weeks or so. I tracked all my food and I’m mostly pleased. Gotta start somewhere. I’m bringing back Goals Check Monday. I like to check my goals each week, it helps to stay on track that way.

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  • Tracking food: did well. Tracked every day since January 1.
  • Water: pretty good, can always do better.
  • Workouts: good, I got weights, abs and my runs in.
  • No fast food! I’ve made it 5 whole days so far!

active accessories giveaway

We have an awesome giveaway starting today! Active Accessories is a great supporter, this week we have 1 On-the-Go accessory pouch in black to give away. I love mine, I’ve had it for a year. It stays in my gym bag. I put my drivers license and ID in there when I go run or to the gym. It has bobby pins, safety pins, chapstick, and a hair tie in it.  It will hold my phone as well.

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There are several ways to earn entries in the Rafflecopter widget. The giveaway starts at 8AM CST January 6, 2014 and ends 8PM CST January 10, 2014. The winner will be announced January 11, 2014. You must be a US resident to receive the prize. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today is a rest day for me. I will hopefully get more sit ups and a few weight reps in tonight before bed. I’m bringing back plank a day too. More on that tomorrow! I also couldn’t resist the urge to get on the scale this morning, it was good news! Gotta stay motivated!

Did you workout today?

How did you do on your goals the first week?

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14 Responses to January Jumpstart Day 6: goals & a giveaway

  1. lisa torgerson says:

    My goals for this week are:
    1. hit the gym at least 3 days; Already 1 day down 🙂
    2. Stay away from the Cashews… they are my downfall; If I can’t resist, keep it to only 10 at a time
    3. Drink more water

  2. My goals this week are:
    1. FOLLOW MY TRAINING PLAN! Which means, I have to make time for my weekday runs (I’m bad about skipping them)
    2. Start incorporating some cross-training on my non-running days.
    3. Drink more water (I struggle with hydration too)
    4. Keep logging everything in MyFitnessPal.

  3. Margaret Bussan says:

    I worked out today on the treadmill. 5 easy miles. I haven’t ever used the Active Accessories but I would love to!

  4. alesha ol says:

    No, & No, have not tried before, but look neat!!

  5. Amy Holland says:

    I’m just recovered enough from getting sick over the holidays to start exercising again, and plan to hit the treadmill at lunch time for an easy 3 miles. My half-marathon is in 6 weeks, so my goals this week are:

    1. Run 20 miles total this week, plus two days of kettle bell
    2. Pack my lunch each day
    3. No alcohol until the weekend. I do love an occasional glass of wine with dinner, but need to stay really hydrated and avoid unnecessary calories.

  6. Betsy says:

    I haven’t worked out today. Hoping for a walk after work.

  7. beth davis says:

    I have yet to workout today, other than my normal walking routine… It was burrrr freezing!

  8. Finally got my first run of 2014 in. Wasn’t great, but I got it done.

  9. sonturtle says:

    My Plan for this week is 2 a days, running included at least 4 x’s and a longer run on the weekend. Started logging my food on Fitness Pal Again. Also More water. Eating fruit or fruit smoothies whenever I have a sweet craving. (I have had a bad sweet tooth since Thanksgiving and need to get that under control). Will slowly start weeding out a majority of carbs from my diet.

  10. kristenk says:

    I’ve never tried Active Accessories before, but it’s such a good idea!

  11. Jessica T says:

    Running 3 miles this evening!
    Goals: follow my training plan, log my calories in MFP and drink more water.

  12. Tami says:

    Have never tried but I think its a great idea!

  13. Carla S says:

    I didn’t workout today because I take one day off every week and that happened to be today.I’ve never tried their stuff before.

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