Marathon training: 14 down, 4 to go

I’ve seen this several times this week and I laughed every time. Thought ya’ll might like it, considering today’s topic.

talk about my marathon

I’m not sure if these next 4 weeks are going to be slowest or the fastest 4 weeks in history. I’m not sure which way I want it to go.

week 14

The last few weeks brought a few challenges. I came back from Allstate with a PR and foot pain. Don’t know what was the cause of it, probably more than one thing. I checked the mileage and wear on my shoes and decided to go ahead and order another pair. One pair has almost 300 miles and the other has about 210. I still have 130 or so more miles before the race, so at least one or both of those shoes will be done before race day. My first pair of Asics I got 350 miles out of. These two I may only get 300.

I was able to find last year’s model for $49.95 on Amazon, big score!

Foot pain meant low mid week miles last week, so instead of 15 during the week I got 9. This last week brought another challenge. If you hadn’t read it already I had to have a mole removed from my back Wednesday. That meant no running Thursday. I feel good about the rest of my training, I have plenty of time!

Training this week:

Sunday: the no good, very bad 18.75 mile run. You can re-hash it here if you’d like.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5 miles, 9:58 pace

Wednesday: 4.74 miles, 9:40 pace. This was a crazy run. Was supposed to be 8 miles, but it started pouring and the temps dropped about 10 degrees. I love to run in the rain but this was crazy!

Thursday: Doctor ordered rest day, but I walked for about 20 minutes on the track. It was definitely not a high impact walk.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: McKinney Mini Half Marathon,

Yesterday was race day for me and Ally. I ran a half and she ran a 5k. It was a last minute decision when I saw it on Groupon. We got both races for $60!

I didn’t get a PR, but I’m proud of my time. I’ve got plenty more chances to get a PR in a half. I finished 9th out of 60 in my age group. The 1st place in my age group ran a 1:36:33. I ran a 1:54:24. I’ve got a long way to go!

Ally shaved a minute off her last 5k and got 2nd place in her age group.

McKinney mini

I have my last really long run this week, 20 miles next Sunday.

Did you race this weekend?

Do you track the mileage on your shoes?

How often do you replace your shoes?

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6 Responses to Marathon training: 14 down, 4 to go

  1. I always have good intentions of tracking mileage on my shoes, but never fail to fall off the wagon. At least I can go back through my Garmin or RunKeeper posts to get a good idea. But usually I can feel it in my lower back when it’s time for a new pair. 9th in age group is not shabby at all- good job! Good luck with the 20 miles.

  2. Nikki Brim says:

    That’s a fantastic PR for your half! Great job!!!!

  3. Betsy says:

    I need new shoes so bad. The funding just SUCKS right now!

  4. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Good luck! You are going to knock the 20 miler out of the park! I track the mileage on my shoes in my running journal. I replace them about every 300-400 miles depending on the mileage I’m running.

  5. Tammy Jo says:

    Awesome job!! Good luck these next 4 weeks 🙂

  6. Alisha B says:

    Good luck!!!! 20 seems so daunting to me!

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