Fall for Fall: Decorating

Today’s post is from Sara at She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs. We are doing Fall Decor this week. We had to switch a week around. I love what Sara did with her mantle.


 photo fallforfall_zps64a5ade9.jpg
I know last week was supposed to be Fall Decor and this week is supposed to be pumpkin patches but…well I did show my front porch last week!  Here’s a flash back…check out the rest here.
 photo DSC05615_zpsb241cd7e.jpg
Just glancing around my house this evening I snapped a few pics of my fall decor.  Here’s two of my centerpieces on my dining table and my island in my kitchen.  I’m totally loving the white pumpkins!
 photo 6662B241-6DF0-4712-BBF0-C2765067A878-82268-000016042814F541_zps403c310b.jpg
 photo 95D3E98E-DA66-469A-A593-97B3C91B1D8D-82268-000016041E0D6684_zps286f0748.jpg
So onto the mantle.  Of course I have a printable in my frame with a cinnamonny smelly wicker broom accent.
 photo 6533E30D-11C3-4DF2-80E6-AD52747646DC-82268-0000160414FB458F_zpsc6ed8ff9.jpg
I got my banner from Lil Luna.
 photo 69780874-151E-4054-8EE3-A79760B90D11-82268-0000160406DF77EC_zpsf3fe3399.jpg
Sorry for the terrible pictures.  It’s dark here so my flash is overcompensating!
 photo DA318C94-C572-4E6A-8E67-1A57424551CE-82268-00001603F56F89F6_zpsa8a2292f.jpg
Of course I have a “S” pumpkin!
 photo B5D675DD-DCE7-412E-9A66-D6C2A86CEC5A-82268-00001603E9E5B4AE_zps9f74e60c.jpg
 photo TRIPLESBLOGGERS_zps6bc448ab.png

You can find Triple S bloggers all over the web!





Do you decorate for different seasons?

What’s your favorite holiday?

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