Marathon training: 4 down, 14 to go!

Yesterday got away from me so I’m just now getting this post out. Hope you all are having a great 3 day weekend!

First week of school and week 4 of marathon training done! Can I get an amen?? I’m so thankful for the 3 day weekend as well.

Ally was not happy about the early bedtime and early alarm this week, hopefully things will get better. I pulled out her 1st day of kinder picture and put it up beside her 1st day of 6th grade picture….she is growing up too fast!



For the last few years we’ve been meeting a friend at Braum’s on the first day of school for ice cream. Next year these sweet friends will be at different schools. Maybe we’ll have our ice cream date after dinner instead of after school!



I finished up this week with 11 miles Saturday morning. Training is going good. I did much better about stretching last week, however after that 11 miles my hips and legs are very sore today!

week 4

Training this week:

Sunday: walked 3 miles

Monday: Stair master plus abs and arm weights

Tuesday: Run 5.25 miles, 9:42 pace

Wednesday: 3 miles, 10:00 pace plus abs and weights

Thursday: Speed work, 4 miles, 9:55 pace (not very speedy, my get up was gone!)

Friday: Rest day!!

Saturday: 11 miles, 9:45 pace





Love this group of ladies I run with! They are so motivating. This 11 miles was probably the hardest run I’ve had in a while. I know it was lack of food. Stupid me didn’t eat anything since I didn’t have my granola made. Guess what’s getting made tonight???

11 miles


Last week I got a Nathan Intensity Hydration pack (the back pack kind) to start using on these long runs. I tried it out yesterday and it worked great. Not much different than having a water belt around my waist and it holds much more.

There are several pockets and even enough room for a snack (sandwich) on really, really long runs!



Things are going to get tougher but despite yesterday’s run, I’m excited!

Have a great week!

Did you workout today? This weekend?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

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  1. Betsy says:

    I was supposed to have a long run, but a migraine kicked me in the butt, so I am hoping to get that run made up on Monday.

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