Treadmill randomness….

My brain is on overdrive on the treadmill. I don’t run on it often, I much prefer to run outside. Sometimes I have no choice, like this morning. It’s so hard to not focus on the time or my feet. Or the grocery list. The laundry I could be doing instead of working out. What’s for dinner? I’m hungry? Try to read the captions on the TV, which is hard to do when you are running.

So I usually people watch. Which is probably weird. But what else is there to do?


This morning I was watching a few people and one woman in particular was working out with a trainer, she was at the beginning of her journey. She was where I was 2 years ago when I took that first step. That place we’ve all been at some point. Whether 20, 40 or 100 pounds to lose, just taking that first step to go to they gym, lift a 5 pound weight or walk around the block.

It’s a hard step to take and even harder to keep going. I kept thinking how brave she was and I remember how scary it was at first. Not knowing if I would be successful. Had I waited too long? Was I too old? I wanted to tell her don’t give up!


Then I had to watch my feet again, I’m always afraid I’m going to fall off the treadmill!

So, what randomness do you think about when you are on the treadmill? Do you love the treadmill or have a love/hate relationship with it like me?

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