1 Down, 17 to go!

This week completed week 1 of marathon training! That leaves 17 weeks. YIKES!

This week I was a little MIA. I had good reasons, but I’m back and ready to tackle my training.

week 1

My training plan has me starting out with running 5/3/4 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with long runs on Saturday.  Tuesday during August will most likely be a run/walk program. My 5@5 group decided to give this a try. The humidity has been really taking it’s toll on our pace, so we are hoping this plan will help a little.

Training this week:

Sunday: Gym workout. I made my own circuit with weights, spin bike, cardio, abs

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Unplanned rest day

Wednesday: Run 3 miles at 9:50 pace, followed by weights and abs

Thursday: Run/walk intervals, 4 miles at 9:49 pace

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Long run, 10 miles at 9:42 pace.

I bought Yurbuds last year and they were staying in and working well. Then they stopped staying in, so I figured I was going to have to replace them. I decided to call them first to see about just replacing the outer silicone piece but they told me they’d replace the whole thing and they did! I got them in the mail this week. They say they guarantee their product and they do!

Wednesday I met a few girls at the gym and we ran 3 miles then headed inside for weights and abs. My arms and hind quarters were killing me Wednesday night! We did some step up/down thing with weights over our head.  When I got home everyone was asleep so I sat out on the back porch and watched the sun come up. I almost went back to bed but glad I didn’t.


Thursday morning will be 4 miles according to my marathon training, we decided to try run/walk intervals to combat this humidity. It was still pretty tough because we ran the 3 minutes at a higher pace and walked 1 minute. I still managed to finish 4 miles under 40 minutes. Not too bad.


Today was my first long run for marathon training. It was also the best run I’ve had since May. Running is definitely mental, I have a goal now and had a great run! I probably could have kept going.

10 miles

It’s tax free shopping weekend here in Texas. Anyone out shopping today?

Did you workout yet?

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11 Responses to 1 Down, 17 to go!

  1. jeneeno says:

    Which Marathon plan are you following? I’m toying with my first for this upcoming March. I’m scouting plans that would kick off my training mid-November.

    • howmyworldruns says:

      It’s sort of a mix of Hal Higdon’s plans and a friend helped me customize it. I’ll email it to you!

  2. Betsy says:

    Not out shopping this weekend, but hopefully next for back to school stuff, since the kiddos go back the 27th! Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

    And I haven’t worked out, yet. I have an 8 miler planned and I am going to meet up with a friend at 7:30 tonight. It’s gonna be warm, but will be different to have a partner. =)

  3. So proud of you! Keep up the good work! What are you using to track your distance/time?

    • howmyworldruns says:

      Thanks Michelle! I use the Nike+ Sport Watch to track my mileage but I started out using just the Nike App on my phone before I got a watch.

  4. Wow way to go. I was at my local running store and they suggest the yurbuds. You would recommend them still?

  5. Jen says:

    Great start to marathon training 🙂

  6. I haven’t worked out yet but I’m going to 🙂

    Your marathon training is off to a fabulous start!

  7. Great 10 miler! I love feel-good long runs. I’m resting a cranky hamstring, but looking forward to my next happy long run this weekend (fingers crossed)!

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