Week in pictures & Training update!

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Well, August is certainly here. It started getting extra warm this week.  I know I live in Texas, it’s hot here. It’s even hot at 5AM.

I decided this week was rest week. It’s my last week before marathon training begins and I took advantage of it. I still ran and got some workouts in, but took a few extra days off. Most importantly, I took today off. It’s weird. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get up early to run on Saturday, unless it was a race weekend.

Marathon training will consist of one extra day of running for me and 1-2 days of cross training. Rest day always on Friday.

Training this week:

Sunday: Swim

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Run 5 miles, 9:55 pace

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 4.78 miles, 10:00 pace

Friday: Gym day, weights and cardio

Saturday: Rest Day! My last Saturday to rest until after December 8!

I ordered a 2nd pair of my favorite Asics, the Gel Cumulus, to start breaking in. My current pair has about 115 miles on them, but they won’t last til December. The first pair has close to 400. They are my back-up to my back-up pair now.

I love the purple!


4.78 miles on Tuesday. Yes that’s 80 degrees at 5:59AM!


Gym on Friday for cardio and weights. Broke in my new Girls Gone Sporty tank. I love it!


And this week my Moms Runs this Town chapter posted all our before & after pictures and I loved seeing them all! It’s so motivating to know everyone is on the same journey, even if at a different stage. I needed a reminder this week of my goals. I have lost sight of them.

Here’s mine.


Today is girls day with Ally, my best friend and her daughter. Going to do a little shopping, a little make-up buying and dinner. The girls are going into 6th grade (yikes) and I guess it’s time for make-up!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Anyone racing?

How old were you when you started wearing make-up? What about your daughter?

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3 Responses to Week in pictures & Training update!

  1. shaydmom says:

    i don’t remember if I ever answered you yesterday when you asked me about the make up thing But I think my mom allowed me to start wearing it in 7th grade. I remember getting this covergirl makeup kit and that is when i actually started putting it on everyday before school. But I am not certain if this was how long they made me wait or if it was just the first time I cared. Like I said…i was a total tomboy and didn’t really become ‘girly’ until junior high. Good luck!!! Things are a LOT different today than they were were 25 years ago. Everyone grows up so much faster these days. :o(

  2. Alisha says:

    I cannot wait to cheer you on through training! Some days I get a little sad I am not training with you 🙂 next time, though!! You are awesome and inspire me to get my butt up even when I feel like a whale! haha!

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