Week in pictures, new shoes & training update!

It’s weekly recap time. It was really quiet around my house. Ally was at camp, she came home yesterday very tired and wanting a nap!



I dragged my feet running this week. I think I was still tired from racing on Sunday. But apparently that’s how my legs are going to feel during marathon training so I guess I better suck it up!

Sunday: Race day!

Monday: Swim

Tuesday: 4.69 miles, 10:30 pace

Wednesday: Gym day, treadmill and weights

Thursday: 4.62 miles, 10:21 pace

Friday: 2 mile speed work with Molly! She only has one speed…fast!

Saturday: 5 miles, 10:40 pace

My 1st pair of Asics are getting close to being retired so I thought it’d be a good time to try a new pair of shoes. I’m giving Mizuno another shot with the new Wave Sayonara’s. I’ve gotten three runs in them this week and I’m just not sure. I was so hoping to find a pair of Mizuno’s, but I’m having heel pain in these so they may be going back.

I might just be an Asics girl for life!



Hit the gym Wednesday night for some cardio and weights.



Friday morning run with Molly!



And my girl is finally home! I picked her up and the first thing she asked for was food and a nap. And her phone!


She has been gone quite a bit this summer. It’s making it go by too fast! I’m not ready for her to be a 6th grader.

Ally has her first 10k next Saturday. It’s low key, our Moms Run This Town virtual race. She ran 5 with me this morning, mostly ran, there was a little walking. But I’m super proud of her for trying. 6 miles is hard! (especially in this humidity)

Not much going on this weekend, obviously lots of smelly stuff came home from camp for me to wash!

Anyone racing? Did you workout today?

Have a great weekend!

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