Race recap: the (not) Too Hot to Handle!

Sunday was my first 15k race, the (not) Too Hot to Handle! By it’s name it should have been a warm and humid race. We had this crazy cold front come through Saturday which brought rain and cooler temps. It was welcomed with open arms!

This also means that next year’s Too Hot to Handle time probably won’t be as good!

 THTH race


My Flat Mama for race day!


I set two alarms, I’m always afraid I’ll sleep through one of them. The race started at 7:30, it was about 30 minutes from our house but we had no idea how busy the parking would be so we headed out early. I’m glad we did. We literally got a parking spot 5 minutes from the start/finish line. The race was capped at about 4000 runners but it didn’t feel crazy crowded.



They had a 5k and 15k option. I was running the 15k and Ally the 5k. They had the 15k racers line up first. We were off on time. It felt mostly flat but there were a few obvious hills. When I got home and looked at the data is was very much up and down the whole way. The race is on the trail along the lake. There were a few bikers trailing along but the traffic wasn’t bad. It’s an out and back course which I actually liked this time, I could tell when I was close to the end!

It started drizzling before the race started, but I think the rain didn’t actually start until about mile 4. It was a light rain and very welcome! I actually kinda enjoyed it. Right after I finished the heavier rain started, I’m not sure I would have liked that!

It was a tough race, I ran it fast (for me). I pushed myself. But I’m very happy with my results! Ally had several hills in her 5k, which she isn’t used to running. She ended up with 27:45 and placed 7th in 10-14 year olds. I’m proud of her!


Here are some of my running and training buds before the race!


After the race we went and grabbed breakfast tacos and yes, donuts. Some very, very yummy donuts!



It was a great experience and I think I will run it again. Even though I’m sure I’ll never get a repeat of this weather in July!

Ever run a race in the rain? Like or dislike it?

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