Week in pictures, training and Ally is home!!


My world is right again! My baby girl is home! I know she had a blast at her cousins but I’m glad she’s back.

I picked her up at the airport yesterday, we stopped by Sam Moon and had Red Robin for lunch. If you haven’t been to or aren’t near a Sam Moon, I’m so sorry….it’s crazy purse heaven! Not just purses, but jewelry, wallets, all kinds of accessories, luggage, everything!


Workouts this week looked like this:

Sunday: Weights and swim

Monday: 2 mile run with Molly, 9:24 pace. The weather was fantastic!

Tuesday: 5.24 mile run, 9:45 pace

Wednesday: Step & Strength class at the gym

Thursday: 4.67 miles, 9:55 pace

Friday: Rest Day!

Saturday: 8.5 miles, 9:15 pace

Week in Pictures!

Molly after our 2 mile run on Monday.



On July 4th I got my miles in early and then volunteered at a 5k. I had forgotten how fun it is to watch and cheer at a race!



I made these protein blueberry muffins, very yummy! The recipe is here.



I started painting and glazing the end tables. I’m loving this color!



I ordered a new chest strap for my heart rate monitor and I think it’s finally time to change it. This morning’s reading is off. My heart rate should read between 172-175bpm and calories burned should be closer to 1000.

todays run

We’ve been celebrating our anniversary all week so tonight we let Ally choose where we were eating. Of course, she chose Maggiano’s, which is one of our very favorite places to eat! That place is so yummy!

Did you workout today? Anyone racing this weekend?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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