#GoalsCheck and July challenge!

I cannot believe it is July already! This year is going so quick. This month Triple S is focusing on strengthening our backs. We will bring you a new exercise each week. As always, if you have any questions about whether you should do a certain exercise please check with your doctor. I don’t want anyone getting injured!

Today’s post is brought to you by Shelly at Running Pfuhl. My goals are at the bottom of the post.



I think the back is one of the most neglected parts on our body, in our works. Yet is essential to everything we do. Everything. From carrying kids and groceries to becoming a tri-athlete.

It’s essential to have a strong back. A strong back reduces pain, improves posture, and good posture improves overall confidence. Strong upper back muscles make it easier to stand up straight; it also lifts up the front body. (we must we must we must increase our bust… or at least lift it up!)

The back is in three sections: Upper. Middle and Lower. These muscles support your neck, shoulders, spine, and abs – yes I said abs the back is part of your core. This month Triple S will focus on various back exercises that will mix it up, fit into your workout routine and build on your confidence in summer clothes! We’re Bringin’ Sexy Back! (ha, get it… okay then, just throw out an lol and tell me you got that!)

If you don’t have a gym membership these are moves you can do at home. If you don’t have weights, that’s ok too. There are lots of options. Swimming, Yoga, Pilates, Body Weight Exercises (Calisthenics)

The amount of workout videos on You Tube is crazy. A few I recommend for Yoga are:
Basic Yoga

Jillian Michaels:
Yoga Meltdown

My favorite:
Inhale With Steve Ross

Now here are a few new moves for the week!
Belly Rock: (lower back)
Lay face down on the floor
Lift Head, Shoulders and Feet off the ground
Slowly Rock Back and Forth Keeping your Core Tight

Upper Back:
Really a great upper back workout is… drum roll please…
Pushups! And I encourage you to build up to 100!
There are several apps
But here’s another I recommend:
Lat Pullovers

Middle Back:
This is a great video with several exercises I recommend this week
I will add this to my routine this week. This is totally a week area for me.

I hope you will join Triple S for our challenge! Update us!! Check in on Mondays #goalscheck! Give us your Weekly updates! Email with questions, we’re all ears for you!
Sarah: How My World Runs
Sara: She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs
Shelly: RunningPfuhl (you are here!)


#GoalsCheck 500x500

  • Weight: My weight is up and I have only myself to blame. I have not been eating right, and you can’t out run a bad diet! So…I’ve starting logging my food again in My Fitness Pal. Anyone else use that?
  • Water: I’ve been having tummy issues after running the last few weeks. A friend suggested I might be dehydrated so I’m also back to logging water to make sure I’m getting enough. I’ve also added Amino supplements, which has some electrolytes in it. Otherwise I’m drinking a little Gatorade too.
  • Swimming:  Going pretty good. I went again last night, Sunday seems to be a good night for it. It might become my recovery swim instead of a run on Sunday night.
  • Marathon training: 6 weeks til start day! I’m getting excited and ready to push myself to new levels!
  • Home organization: I got a lot of stuff cleaned out this weekend, donated some stuff and that room/closet is looking better! I also cleaned out 2 kitchen cabinets…that tupperware must be reproducing in there!

Link up your goals here!

Have you made your goals? What are you doing to achieve them?

Have a great week!

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