Week in review and it’s almost vacation time!


This week got mighty warm here…but we got that miracle end-of-June cold front today and it’ll be a chilly 66 in the morning. I can’t wait! This week was a little less active than the last few weeks. I took off from the track workouts while Ally is gone to let my body rest. I think my legs were just completely worn out.

Speaking of Ally, she’s been gone since Sunday and I am missing her. It hasn’t been too bad yet since I still had to go to work, but this weekend will be hard. I’m used to her being around on Saturday and Sunday. I know she’s having a blast with her cousin and she’ll be home Friday. I’m also using this time to get some chores done at home so we don’t have to do them while off next week.

After Tuesday I’m off for 13 days! Can I get an amen???



We aren’t going anywhere this year, just hanging out at home. I’m hoping to get some pieces of furniture painted, see some movies, go to the museum, the lake, shop….just spend some time together.

Here’s what this weeks workouts looked like:

Sunday: Swim, 30 minutes

Monday: Kettlebell workout/partial rest day

Tuesday: Ran 4.62 miles, 9:49 pace

Wednesday: Gym workout with weights and cardio

Thursday: Ran 5 miles, 9:31 pace

Friday: Swim, 30 minutes

Saturday: Ran 8 miles, 9:26 pace

Some random pictures from the week!

Molly and I went for a walk on Friday.



John and I are trying Amino supplements, anyone else use it?


And I figured since you see all those pictures of me post workout, I’d share one of me with my hair fixed and make-up on!


I’m not racing on July 4th, but I’m volunteering at a race. I haven’t done that since November, I figured it was time. John will hopefully be smoking some meat and we’ll watch fireworks but that’s about it.

Our anniversary is next weekend, but we’ll celebrate tonight since Ally is gone and we won’t have to get a sitter.

Any big plans for July 4th?

Have a great weekend!






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