Training update, weekly recap & Summer is here!


I am so glad school is out. I was past ready! Last year Ally got out the day after Memorial Day and this year we had to go until June 6. These last 2 weeks seem to drag on forever! I want this summer to last forever, I’m not quite ready for her to go to 6th grade. Time goes so fast!

Here she is getting her awards, she cracks me up with no expression at all!

last day

Last day of school was their class party so we made cookies to take. Yummy butter cookies! I’ll get the recipe scanned and add it to the recipe page. The dough doesn’t look like it makes very many cookies but I guess our cutter was small, we had a ton! Note: these are NOT fat-free cookies.





 National Running Day

Wednesday this week was National Running Day. Our MRTT Chapter leader had bibs for us and we ran 2.5 miles.


 Training recap!

Here’s what I’ve been doing this week. Had a couple of 2-a-days. Let’s just say it’s been a long time since I did that, but I’m liking it! Ally decided she wanted to finally hit the track for workouts with our running club. Never mind that I’ve been telling her for months it would be a good idea. She waits til June to take me up on it! So, that means some days I’ll be getting a second workout in.


What did you do this week? Any new workouts?

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