I got Pretty Muddy this weekend!

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The Pretty Muddy race was Saturday. It was my first mud run and first race with obstacles. Let’s just say I haven’t done anything obstacle-like since elementary school!

My day started with an alarm set for 6AM, which is sleeping in for me lately!


I had a great time with some fabulous mommas! We had awesome shirts thanks to our MRTT chapter leader.

flat mama

Here’s our group before the run started.

muddy before

This being my first run my expectations may have been a little off. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast, but I guess I thought I would have gotten a little muddier. Most of the obstacles at the beginning were things to walk through, so only our feet and ankles got muddy. Just looking at the pictures makes me laugh again!

Me and Jessica

All the obstacles had cool names like “Social Networking”, “So Over It” and “A Leg Up”. The first obstacle was a big inflatable slide that dumped us in a mud pit. There was a decent amount of running on trails, which I liked!

This obstacle was probably my favorite. It was the highest and when I got to it I was a little bit nervous but I made it over!

social networking

There was a ropes course, we carried wood (2×4 I think) along a trail, climbed over and under obstacles!

ropes course

This stream was welcomed with open arms~ it was cold and we got all washed off! Coming up the last hill out of this stream all the spectators probably wondered why we weren’t covered in mud….we had just had a bath!

Group muddy

Pretty muddy

The end had a beach balls for us to run through, there was a nice, little hill to run up. It’s also a walkable course. I would say this is a great race for beginners and non runners.

The finish line was basically a mud pit. I got stuck right off the bat and was knee deep in mud and laughing so hard! I finally got unstuck and ended up crawling the rest of the way. At least I didn’t get stuck again!

Here we are at the end!

The end

at the finish

Post run we headed to the “showers”, ie. water hoses. Hosed off from head to toe and changed clothes. I donated my shoes and then headed to the Old Navy tent for the awesome swag! They seriously spoiled us! We got an Old Navy tee, flip flops and a bag.

Old Navy

I definitely think I will do another mud run, Ally was not happy she couldn’t participate. (she’s too young). So, I’m currently looking for one we can do together!

Have you done a mud run before? Which one? Any tips for first timers?

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